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implant supported dentures

What Are the Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures?


Are you worried you are going to lose all your teeth?   Tired of the dental upkeep only to have a terrible smile?  Many patients are in the same predicament.

If so, replacing them is probably your main concern.  How will they look?  How will they feel?

At Rockville Dental Arts we can help replace all your teeth the best way possible with denture implants with a much lower cost than clear choice all on 4.


Regular Dentures are No Fun


Many patients who have or have thought about traditional dentures may be concerned that their dentures will fall out, move around, or make it difficult to eat their favorite foods. Reasonable actions like laughing, coughing, sneezing, or eating may be difficult for those with the most standard denture options.  Those of you with regular dentures know what we’re talking about and how embarrassing it can be.dentures

Dr. Norkiewicz of Rockville Dental Arts is highly-trained in newer, more ground-breaking restorative options to secure your replacement teeth with so called snap in dentures!  Life doesn’t have to be difficult living with dentures.

Improved dental technology means that we can provide you with relief from these common concerns. Thanks to this technology, and the expertise of our caring staff, you can have a brand-new set of Snap On dentures.


What can I eat with Implant Dentures?

With these fake teeth you can enjoy corn on the cob, steak and apples again.  They are designed to be secure in your mouth when biting or chewing food.  When going to bed you simply place your thumbs or fingers under the flange of the denture and push up to remove the overdenture.



What Are Snap On Dentures?snap on dentures


Unlike traditional dentures, Snap in dentures are more secure and while still letting you remove them as needed.  If your bottom dentures hurt then you would be a great candidate for snap on dentures.  The posts will provide support so the denture doesn’t rest solely on the gum tissue.

Do you have a loose lower denture?  Patients that have worn dentures for an extended time know that an upper denture can have plenty of stability thru suction forces.  However, loose lower dentures are common due to the muscles of the tongue, cheeks, lips and underlying lack of bone support.  With snap-on implant dentures we solve the problem of having a loose denture.

It takes Just Two Implantshorseshoe-shaped upper plate


Using between two to four dental implants (depending on your needs, of course), we can eliminate the slipping or falling out that accompanies conventional dentures.

Implant supported dentures require a few dental implants securely embedded below the gum line to adhere to the new fake teeth. We place these implants strategically with two on the lower jaw and two or four on the upper jaw.

A horseshoe-shaped upper plate replaces the bulky, uncomfortable palate on older models making it more comfortable for the wearer with much better taste sensation.

Get A Permanent Solution

Implant snap in dentures provide the peace-of-mind that traditional prostheses are missing while also making it more comfortable to wear dentures. For those looking for a more permanent solution, Dr. Norkiewicz has practiced the “All on 4” technique or the clear choice for several years. This method can be discussed during a consultation as well.

They Are Comfortable

As Snap in dentures sit on your gums just as more conventional options once did, they are easy to remove and comfortable when appropriately attached.  They can be easily inserted with equal push on both sides from your thumb or fingers.  Do not ever try to “bite” them into place as they could break in half.

To remove the snap in dentures simply push the denture out from both sides with a controlled even hard force.  After a few attempts the patient usually becomes a pro at getting their new teeth in and out!

These implant supported dentures serve to improve your overall health along with the appearance of your smile. Choosing the right dental options for you means no more excess bacteria or painful inflammation from dental illnesses.  Keep reading to learn the snap in dentures cost near me!


How many implants needed for an Upper Palateless Snap in Denture?palateless denture


With 2 implants your denture can snap in to place and be secure.

However you will still need the whole upper denture for support.  There will never be any need for denture glue and it will not be loose.

With 4 implants we can make you a roofless denture or palateless denture.

You will have better taste, better feeling, and no gagging on the back of the plate.  Implant dentures are life changing.




Video of Implant Dentures Snapping in:




Implant Supported Dentures Costimplant supported dentures cost


How much does snap on smile costs?  Before determining the implant supported dentures cost, we need to account for the brand new dentures and the implant procedure. The dentures that adhere to the implants align with other dentures as far as manufacturing and design.

There is very little preparatory work to be done with the implants. Patients who already have a good set of dentures may see a lower cost than others because we can retrofit those teeth to work with your implants.  Typically implant supported dentures cost runs between $5k and $25k depending on how many implants are added.

Snap in dentures cost more than regular dentures, but the difference in feel is astounding.  Imagine never using denture glue and never worrying about your teeth falling out or slipping.

Plus the dental implants are permanently installed and will never break or decay.  Still wondering how much are snap in dentures for you?  Visit us for an accurate price quote.

Having the implants installed is considered minor oral surgery.  It takes just 2 short months for the implants to fully heal and be ready to snap on!

Dr. Norkiewicz and the caring staff at Rockville Dental Arts are BBB accredited and ready to help find the perfect denture solution for you!

Contact us now for a free consultation to request an appointment and to learn how much your snap in dentures cost near me. Together, we can achieve the comfortable, natural smile you desire.



Benefits of Implant Supported DenturesDentures Rockville MD


More conventional types of dentures rely on suction to remain in place. Normal daily habits can loosen this suction and result in your teeth slipping or even falling out altogether. As implant supported dentures are manufactured without the bulky palate, and they are more secure, this method reduces irritation to the gums. This eliminates any bruising or cuts and lacerations that occur with traditional dentures.

They Are Still Removable

Similar to regular dentures, you can remove snap in dentures for easier cleaning. Whether soaking in approved denture cleaning agents or removing them for a quick clean, you get the best of both worlds with Snap on dentures. Just like your natural teeth, you will need to see a dentist every six months for routine cleaning and continue brushing your teeth daily.


 Eat Confidently With Snap In Dentureslocator denture

We know how badly missing teeth can affect your confidence; we also recognize that standard dentures may also affect this. Snap in dentures won’t embarrass you because the implants eliminate the possibility of accidental movement.

Snap in dentures will give you the freedom to eat more solid foods than traditional dentures. Eating steak, corn, apples, and other food you once enjoyed is a breeze with the Snap on dentures method.



Am I a Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?bone loss


Do I have enough bone for implant dentures?  Patients who wonder if they have enough bone for these denchers should not worry.  97% of all of our patients are able to receive at least two implants for snap in teeth.

Dr. Norkiewicz is a skilled implant dentist with over 20 years of experience placing and restoring dental implants.  Rest assured you are in great hands and you never need to go from office to office for your dental work.  We also employ a prosthodontist, Dr. Linkous, on site for those you have extremely difficult cases that require a dental specialist.



How Do These Snap in Dentures Work?denture patient


With so many denture options available, it may seem overwhelming to pick the right one for you.   Are you even a candidate for implant supported dentures?

If your teeth are decaying, we will set up a time to have those teeth removed, as well as the implant surgery, then allow time for your gums to heal before a new set of teeth is installed. This may also affect the type of dentures you choose.

One Procedure

With implant supported dentures, it does take time for your gums to heal after a tooth is removed before the implants can be secured, however sometimes the implants can be placed at the same time as the tooth extractions.  It really depends on the patient and the quality of the bones.

The implant supported dentures are anchored by rods located strategically throughout your mouth (consisting of two or four connectors). Your implant dentures are attached to these connectors, and as opposed to other procedures like dental implants, these snap in dentures require fewer implants meaning a shorter recovery time.

The Final Step

Dr. Norkiewicz will attach a metal piece to what is known as a ‘Locator’ in your mouth. This is the small piece that secures your implant retained dentures in place.

Once you’re ready, you can snap and unsnap your dentures as you need. Securing them in place, you can even use your existing dentures with slight modifications. Snap in dentures are easy to use, but we do recommend using your fingers and not biting them down into place as the pressure may damage your dentures. To remove your snap on dentures, use your thumbs on both sides to lift up, it’s that easy.

Maintenancecandidate for implant supported dentures

Although the plastic snaps may wear out every nine to twelve months or so, this simple process means your replacement snaps can be changed in under a minute.


How much do these snap in dentures cost?  This restoration starts at $5,000 per arch but depends on how many implants and the type of denture needed.  This a much more affordable option than the all on 4 dental implant procedure and costs about half as much.



Can I get Snap in Partial Dentures?


Yes, we use the snap in’s for partials too.  It’s a great idea because if you ever lose the rest of your teeth then you will already have the implants ready for full dentures.  Snap in partial dentures work great if you are missing 5 or more teeth in an arch.


Watch the snap in dentures video and listen for the click!




Snap On Locator Dentures: The ProcessSnap in Partial Dentures


Dr. Norkiewicz inserts the implants and connector rods at the front of the mouth. This is because there is more bone available, and it’s easier for you to connect and detach the snap in dentures. In many cases, your full mouth can be treated all at once, which saves you time and discomfort.

Mostly, a patient’s health affects recovery, but this time frame ranges from three to six months, respectively.

We begin by assessing your current needs, working up a treatment plan, designing your new teeth, and manufacturing of your new teeth. Some of our patients will need a bone graft to improve the quality and health of the jawbone before the implants are installed.

To best care for our patients, those who need bone grafting may take up to a year before the process is complete. If your jawbone isn’t able to withstand the implant at first, we will work to strengthen and rebuild that bone. Three to six months after the initial start, Dr. Norkiewicz will perform a surgery to place the implants.



What are the Snap in Dentures Pros and Consct scan for dental implants


The pros are:

  • Never worry about the denture slipping
  • Never use denture glue
  • Eat anything you want
  • No palate on the upper denture which gives better taste sensation
  • Feel confident with your teeth
  • They are more comfortable than regular dentures
  • More natural looking
  • Future bone loss is prevented

The cons are:

  • snap in dentures cost
  • 2-3 months for healing of the dental implants
  • Yearly maintenance to replace the plastic inserts (less than $30 each)

As you can see from the snap in dentures pros and cons it will be life changing to have this dental treatment performed.  For snap on smile near me visit us for a free consultation.



Hybrid DenturesHybrid Dentures


Looking for dentures that are not removable, consider hybrid dentures.  Hybrid dentures are permanent screwed into dental implants and are not able to be removed.  Living with dentures does not have be like the ones your grandmother had.

Fixed dentures are smaller than regular dentures, mostly just the tooth part with non of the pink gums.  They are stronger than dentures because they are made from Zirconia, so you can chew and smile confidently.

Hybrid denture cost is higher than snap in dentures but if you can afford them they are life changing.  You will feel like you have your natural teeth again.  The clear choice dental implant cost starts at $18k.

Learn more about the implant retained vs implant supported dentures on our blog post.


Dentures vs ImplantsDental Implants


When deciding between dentures vs implants there are many things to consider.

First off, do you have enough bone.  Many patients that are missing teeth for many years will have deficit bones.  These bones can be rebuilt but that requires additional surgeries and cost.

Secondly, what can you afford?  Dental implants are by far the best way to replace your teeth but they can be expensive for some.  Just like buying a car, you may want a new Mercedes but can only afford a new Honda.  At Rockville Dental Arts we perform all implant dentures so we will work within your budget to make you affordable dentures or implants.



Maintenance of Implant Denturesbenefits of dental implants


These implant retained dentures are cleaned and cared for just like regular dentures.  Remove them at night and brush them well with a denture brush to removed any food debris.  You can also use soap and warm water.

Do not use abrasives such as toothpaste as they will scratch the prosthesis.  Over the counter denture cleaners are also a good idea once a week.  Soak them overnight.

Additionally your new overdenture will require replacement of the plastic female insert in your denture about every 6-12 months.  The plastic piece is usually blue or pink.  It is this piece that snaps and holds your denture in and absorbs all the chewing forces.  When the prosthesis stops snapping then simply come to the office and the doctor will replace the zest locator parts in less than one minute!

How to clean snap in dentures – Clean them the same way you clean permanent dentures.  Brush them well with a non abrasive and soak them once a week in denture cleaner.




Are there any snap in dentures problems?


The most common problem is when the denture doesn’t snap anymore.  The plastic inserts wear out about every 9-12 months.  These inserts need to replaced and then the denture will snap in again good as new.



Can you Sleep with Snap on Dentures?Sleep Apnea Treatment


Yes, you can, but you should remove the dentures at night.  Remember dentures are like the stars.  They come out at night.

If you sleep with the implant dentures one night a week there is no harm.  But the implant posts do need to be cleaned nightly and your dentures should be brushed regularly.

If you sleep with dentures in all the time, then you will be prone to infections like candidiasis.  Candidiasis is a fungal infection that can plaque your mouth and is hard to get rid of.  So do yourself a favor and do not sleep with dentures in your mouth.  If you want teeth that stay in your mouth then you should upgrade to the All on 6.