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Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist Rockville MD Emergency Dentist


At Rockville Dental Arts, we offer immediate services to patients in need of urgent dental care.

Whether your mouth is bleeding or you’ve lost a filling or you have broken teeth, you can trust our team to provide emergency attention. 


A dental emergency can catch you off-guard and unsure of what to do next. But as long as you have a reliable emergency dentist nearby, there’s no need to panic.  Just call now to schedule an appointment.

Dental professionals can provide fast services to patients suffering extreme pain, tooth loss, bleeding or any other type of oral emergency.



We See All Dental Emergencies The Same Dayemergency dentist near me


Desperate dental times call for comprehensive oral care solution measures. You can get them through Rockville Dental Arts.

When you need to seek treatment immediately because the pain is far too great, the emergency dentist solutions at Rockville Dental Arts can get you the immediate dental services you need without having to preschedule a dental appointment.

In short, when you or a family member has urgent dental problems that can’t wait, our dental practice has the resources to get you relief.

Whether it is a chipped tooth or a knocked out tooth due to an accident, you should call your dentist right away.



Dental Emergencies are More Common Than You Think


A dental emergency is any type of oral pain that requires urgent assistance from a professional. If you’re unsure if you’re facing a dental emergency, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are you suffering from severe pain or discomfort?
  • Do you have any loose teeth (for adults only)?
  • Have you lost a tooth (for adults only)? 
  • Is your mouth bleeding?
  • Do you have any swelling around the face or gums?


If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you need to get in touch with your local emergency dentist. A professional will inspect your issue, alleviate your pain and determine what steps to take next. 


Dental emergencies are relatively common, and millions of Americans require emergency care every year. Whether it be due to a work-related incident, physical sports or eating something too hard, dental trauma can happen at any time. Common dental emergencies include:tmj pain


  • Bleeding gums
  • Severe toothache
  • Broken tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Unexplained sores, growths or swelling in the mouth or along the gums
  • Tasting metal in your mouth
  • Locked jaw
  • A soft tissue injury
  • Broken crowns or missing fillings
  • Food or objects lodged between the teeth
  • Wisdom teeth pain or tooth infections
  • Avulsed teeth (when a tooth gets dislodged from its socket)


It’s crucial to seek immediate dental care and get same-day treatment for your emergency. Putting off your visit to the dentist can cause the pain to increase and make the condition worse. Additionally, ignoring concerns, like a dental infection or abscess, can have life-threatening consequences.


At Rockville Dental Arts, we provide same-day emergency oral care. Our dental office is available to help you or your loved one alleviate their dental pain and mend any issues they might be having. We understand that dental emergencies and toothaches can occur at any time, and we strive to provide fast and reliable care to our patients around-the-clock.

Some of the tastiest, most satisfying treats during meals or snacks are also the crunchiest; no one knows this better than your teeth. Just one errant chomp during your workday lunch can leave a crown cracked or a front tooth chipped.

Perhaps the only thing more noticeable than the sight of the damage is the searing pain. And when the soreness is all-consuming, applying a cold compress simply won’t do.



What to do if You Have a Dental Emergencyrockville md dental emergency


When a dental emergency occurs, the first thing you must do is call your regular dentist.

If it’s during normal office hours, they may be able to tend to your injuries right away. If the emergency happens at night or over the weekend, you should still give your dentist a call.

Some offices provide emergency dental services outside of their regular operating hours. If they cannot see you until the morning, visit the ER or your closest urgent care center for immediate assistance.


If you lost teeth or pieces of a tooth, save whatever you can and bring it with you. Try to preserve the extracted tooth by soaking it in cup of milk, which prevents the cells from swelling. Cover the area where the tooth fell out with gauze or a cotton ball to stop any bleeding. To ease severe tooth pain or discomfort, apply ice or a heated pad to your cheek.


When you arrive at your dentist or the ER, make sure you have a valid form of ID (unless you’re visiting your regular dentist), insurance information and any relevant medical records.

Whoever treats your emergency will need to know if you’re taking prescription medications and be aware of underlying medical conditions that could affect your oral health or the type of treatment you can receive.


Most importantly, do your best to remain calm during a dental emergency.

These situations are stressful, but seeking urgent dental care will prevent permanent damages and allow you to make a full recovery.

The team at Rockville Dental Arts is well-trained in handling critical dental procedures, and we make it our mission to keep you as calm and relaxed as possible while tending to your injuries.



Can you go to the Emergency Room For Dental Emergencies?


emergency dental care

Emergency rooms in hospitals around the country must accept all patients that come to them: The number of ER admissions in the typical year across the U.S. average around 130 million, according to the most recent statistics available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some of these urgent health issues are related to oral health.


However, because ERs often deal with patients whose conditions may be more time-sensitive — where every second counts — common dental emergencies likely won’t enable you to see the doctor faster.


Take an abscess tooth as an example.

While a dental abscess most definitely qualifies as an emergency, it’s treated differently in a medical setting based on what other patients were admitted for.

Thus, you will likely sit around in the waiting room for an extended period. And once it’s your turn, the doctor will likely instruct you to book a dental visit and supply you with an over-the-counter medication and/or an antibiotic for the pain.

Why? Because physicians aren’t trained to deal with common dental emergencies, like certain tooth extractions or wisdom tooth extractions.

At Rockville Dental Arts, we are. Call our office, and we’ll get you into the exam chair far faster than you might anticipate.



What an Emergency Dentist Does to Helpemergency dentist


An emergency dentist has the skills, knowledge and tools to diagnose and treat your medical condition quickly.

A general dentist may not be able to see you right away, but a professional specializing in emergency dentistry can render prompt care to patients who need it.


Most emergency dentists offer a wide range of services, including:


  • Tooth extractions
  • Reconstructing dental crowns or fillings
  • Treating a dental abscess or tooth infection
  • Restoring chipped or cracked teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Performing a root canal


Our emergency dental team is equipped to take on your oral concerns and prevent long-term complications.

We provide same-day services to residents throughout Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown and we accept new patients in need of emergency dental care.

If you’re unsure if you have an urgent dental problem, call or text our office and let one of our team members determine what you need to do next.



Should You go to the Hospital for a Tooth Emergency?


Yes, you can visit an emergency room or urgent care center if you need emergency dental care.

However, most hospitals only provide temporary pain or bleeding relief. They do not have the expertise or tools to perform the full-scale dental procedures that your local emergency dental office does. 


Additionally, it’s important to bear in mind that if you go to the hospital, any care you receive will be billed under your regular health insurance and not your dental insurance plan. 


Therefore, you may visit the ER for pain medicine, but after, you need to make an emergency dental appointment. Once you see a dental professional, they can thoroughly address your dental trauma and provide a long-term solution. 



Will the ER or Urgent Care Clinic Pull My Tooth?


No, a general hospital worker will not (and should not) remove teeth.

Only certified dental professionals have the authority to pull teeth.

It’s illegal for anyone other than a certified dentist to extract teeth, perform emergency root canals or conduct any other type of dental work on a patient.

The hospital or clinic will only be able to provide you with antibiotics, ice or pain medication to ease your tooth pain until you’re able to schedule an emergency dental visit.



The Rockville Emergency Dentist You Can Trust


If you’re in extreme pain or worried about your dental health, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local emergency dentist. 


At Rockville Dental Arts, we encourage existing or new patients to text or call our team at 301-424-2030.

Whether you’re missing a tooth or unsure if you should schedule an urgent visit, our staff can help.

We will listen to your symptoms and tell you if you need to come straight into the office or walk you through temporary measures you can take to relieve a toothache or other types of discomfort.


Contact us now to learn more about how our certified team handles dental trauma and why we’re the emergency dentist that Rockville residents trust.



What are Some of the Causes of Dental Emergencies?tooth broke and is black inside


Just as serious dental problems can run the proverbial gamut, the source of these issues can be every bit as wide-ranging.

For example, a broken tooth may stem from chomping into a chunk of peanut brittle or it could be related to contact sports like hockey, football, rugby or lacrosse.

Alternatively, after a root canal, you may encounter ongoing pain several days after the procedure. This may be a sign that the nerve was more severely damaged prior to the root canal treatment.


Both of these scenarios warrant a dental visit, but in the meantime, it’s good to rinse your mouth out with lukewarm water for a broken tooth. This will limit the swelling. For tooth nerve pain, ibuprofen can provide temporary relief.

broken wisdom tooth

From damaged braces to a severe infection after a root canal, there are certain emergency dentist services that can’t wait.

At Rockville Dental Arts, we reserve spots on our daily calendar for these last-minute dental emergencies when you simply “haven’t got time for the pain,” as Carly Simon once sang.


Left untreated, painful dental conditions will only get worse and worse. Call our office and let’s get you feeling better. Call our office number (301-424-2030) or fill out our online appointment booking form. It’s quick and painless.



Giovany Ortiz
Giovany Ortiz
February 9, 2022.
Excelente servicio médico y atención.
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Robert Worrest
January 31, 2022.
Great service and friendly staff.
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Luisa Borda
January 27, 2022.
Got seen super quick as a new patient. Staff was great and our visit was quick and convenient.
Chang Yu Dennis Lin
Chang Yu Dennis Lin
January 27, 2022.
My cleaning was fast and excellent Jackie is very good at her job. Shannon was also good and accommodating to my needs for the next appointment
Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes
January 25, 2022.
Absolutely amazing people..And the service was outstanding..I highly recommend
January 25, 2022.
Having severe dental anxiety I was skeptical and hesitant to have my remaining wisdom teeth removed. But when the overcrowding in my mouth became painful I knew it was time. From first contact through my appointment the staff was extremely responsive and helpful and while visiting any dentistry isn’t always the most pleasant experience, everyone I met was extremely kind and professional helping me to get through my procedure with ease and very little discomfort.
dide summerlin
dide summerlin
January 23, 2022.
The staff and the service are top notch. They are professional, caring and friendly. Love everything about this practice!
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Hooper Nichols
January 18, 2022.
Efficient, caring service. Highly recommended

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