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Emergency Dentist Rockville, MD


You pick up that peanut brittle in the break room at work and take a nice, sweet bite when you feel it: A sharp pain in your tooth. Is your tooth broken, or just chipped? Did you fracture a filling that now needs to be replaced?

No matter what the cause, you just know you want the pain in your mouth to stop now so you can get back to work.emergency dentist rockville md

You need a dentist that can get you in for an appointment today, and get you relief from your pain.

At Rockville Dental Arts, we reserve time in our daily calendar for those last-minute dental emergencies. We understand your time is important, and we don’t want to leave you in pain overnight.  Call us at 301-424-2030.



What Dental Emergencies Does Rockville Dental Arts Handle?


While sudden dental pain can feel like an emergency, often taking some over-the-counter pain relievers can help until you can get in for a regular appointment. If you have any of the following problems, call our office for a same-day emergency dental appointment:


  • Swelling, bulging, or knots on your gums
  • Tooth knocked out
  • Tooth partially knocked out, but still connected to the gum
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Wound inside your mouth (cheek, lip, tongue, etc.)
  • Issue with a crown or other restoration
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • Severe pain in your mouth


Dental emergencies can occur at any moment. Therefore, it is best if you equip yourself with knowledge on what to do in case you get a dental emergency. The first thing you should do is to seek treatment from a qualified dentist. Home remedies come as a second alternative and should be done under the guidance and approval of a dentist.

Below are Four Common Dental Emergencies and how to treat them.


1. Mouth or Tooth Paindental emergency

Toothaches are one of the most common dental emergencies. Tooth pain can make it difficult for you to eat, sleep or even focus on work or other tasks. The pain usually indicates that there is something wrong with your tooth or gum. It could be due to tooth decay, a cavity or even gum disease. Seeking immediate help from a dentist can help identify the cause of pain, and a step by step treatment plan will be administered. OTC toothache painkillers only temporarily numb the pain but don’t address the condition.

2. Broken Tooth

A broken/cracked or chipped tooth can occur as a result of accidents. And, this calls for immediate medical attention. In the case, your tooth gets broken, make sure that you save any pieces that may have fallen off. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and apply a cold compress to ease the pain and prevent swelling. If you notice bleeding, you can apply a piece of gauze to the affected area. Make sure that you visit a dentist who will carry out a  procedure to fill the broken tooth.

3. Lost Filling

For those who have had a cavity filled, then your filling may become dislodged. In most cases, people rarely realize that the filling has come off. This is considered as a medical emergency since your cavity becomes exposed to germs and bacteria. When your filling comes off, book an appointment with your dentist. If he/she has a busy timeline, you can purchase temporary filling material to cover the cavity.

4. Damaged Braces

If your braces get damaged, then you need to seek dental assistance immediately. In instances where a wire is sticking out, make sure you adjust it to a safe position. You can use a piece of gauze or wax to do so. Refrain from cutting the wire since you may accidentally swallow it. If the brackets have become loose, orthodontic wax can be of great help in temporarily holding them together.

Dental emergencies require immediate and professional help. It’s why you should find a dental office which accepts dental emergency walk-ins. Also, make a habit of going for routine cleanings and checkups to avoid these kinds of emergencies.



dental office front deskSome people avoid going to the dentist. that is why small cavities are always able to grow into huge glaring conditions that cause gum swelling and dangerous infections. When a person’s dental structure gets so bad that their health and wellness is threatened, their case is considered a dental emergency. However, dental emergencies do not always result from delayed trips to a treatment center for filling and sterilization; some are caused by drastic instances such as trauma.


The following are the four most common causes of dental emergencies and suggestions on how to remedy them.

1. Loose or knocked out permanent teeth

Your tooth may be loose because of several reasons, and you stand remaining minus certain teeth that are crucial for your chewing and aesthetic well-being. If the loose or knocked out tooth is a milk tooth, that doesn’t constitute an emergency because a permanent one can replace it via secondary growth. However, if a permanent tooth is knocked out;

• Avoid holding or contaminating the root in any way. Hold it by the crown.
• Rinse the tooth using clean water to wash away any blood stains to see its condition clearly while slowing down any rotting.
• Try to put the tooth back in its socket, and hold it in place with medical gauze if you are successful. If not, store the tooth in fresh milk for preservation.
• Seek medical help within an hour’s time for dentists to preserve your tooth.



2. Infection

Dental infections affect the gum, and they can cause your teeth to fall out in advanced conditions. That is why infections in the gum or originating from cavities are dental emergencies. The earlier you identify an infection, the better placed you are in preventing a worse situation. Just make sure to see a dentist who can remedy the cause and prevent major swelling and internal rot.



3. Trauma-caused teeth injuries.

Trauma can cause small chips of your tooth to fall off, which can totally ruin your tooth via breaking or cracking. After the impact, it is advisable to gauge the intensity of the injuries by cleaning your mouth with clean water for a clearer vision. You should also apply a cold compression to the area of impact and take drugs that can prevent inflammation. Seek dental help as soon as possible for treatment and restoration.



Dental Crowns

4. Displaced teeth

Displaced teeth are often caused by traumatic impact, but they can also result from an abnormal dental formation. The effects are mostly felt via distorted chewing abilities and pain. Seeking immediate dental intervention can help to remedy the situation while delaying can lead to the loss of such displaced teeth.

Use the above tips to remedy dental emergencies. Nevertheless , prevention is always better than cure; do not forget to book an appointment with a dentist for regular check up and advice on how to better care for your teeth.




You deserve prompt, compassionate care for your dental emergency Rockville MD. Our caring staff can help you determine whether you need to be seen for an appointment today or if it can wait until tomorrow.

Get the care you need, when you need it. Call Rockville Dental Arts today! 

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Read Our Dental Emergency FAQs for more information!


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