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Can a Dental Implant be Placed at the Same Time as the Tooth Removal?

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Tooth Removal and Implant Placement


One Simple Procedurehow soon after tooth extraction can you have an implant


At Rockville Dental Arts we combine 3 surgical appointments into one!  If you have a natural tooth that is bad and needs to be removed consider your options before having it removed.  How soon after tooth extraction can you have an implant?  The best time is at the same time!

Most dentists and oral surgeons will pull your tooth without discussing placing the dental implant at the same time or any form of tooth replacement.  However that is usually the best time to place the dental implant because the patient will only need one surgical procedure instead of two or even three!

If your tooth has already been removed you will need to wait up to 4 months before having a dental implant placed in that site.

We also perform same day tooth extraction for those just wanting to get a bad tooth removed.



Can a dental implant be placed at the same time my tooth is removed?

This is a commonly asked question, and it’s easy to understand why people would hope to have the tooth extraction and implant performed in a single procedure. The answer is: yes, but it can vary from person to person and depends on the condition of the underlying bone, presence and size of any infection and the type of tooth that is being removed.

If you are thinking I need a tooth pulled immediately, then contact us asap or go to our tooth extraction page.


How is the Immediate Implant Performed?


dental implants near me

Dental implants mimic the shape and structure of your original teeth. Like teeth, they have a root that connects directly into the jawbone, ensuring that your new teeth remain in place for years without shifting or needing further attention.

If it’s possible, your dental surgeon, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz, will offer the option of an immediate implant, a dental implant placed at the time of the tooth extraction. The main conditions for this are the density and quality and quantity of the underlying bone, and the absence of any infection in the gum or bone.  If the site is healthy then you can have a tooth extraction and implant at the same time.

Of course the dentist needs to take particular care in removing the bad tooth as to not destroy the surrounding bone and tissue.  Often dentists that are not highly trained to remove teeth will remove too much bone and gum tissue leaving a large defect in your jaw.  In these cases bone grafts would need to be added to rebuild missing bone before you can have a successful implant.



The Procedure


front tooth implant

Once the tooth is properly and carefully removed the socket is then gently cleaned of any and all infected tissue, infection, tooth pieces and gum tissue in preparation for the dental implant.  Since the socket resembles the exact size of the natural tooth it makes sense that a dental implant should be approximately that size and position.

Using the same drill we use for fillings the socket is expanded slightly to allow good tight contact with our titanium dental implant.  This process takes about 1-2 minutes.  Finally the implant is inserted and a healing cap placed on top.  Usually a dental bone grafting procedure is necessary to fill in any gaps in the bone.


dental implant healing cap

The healing cap allows the tissue to heal around it so you will have a metal screw exposed for a few months, however this prevents the tissue from closing over the implant.  If the tissue closes then you would need another surgery to find the implant and “uncover” it.  Dr. Norkiewicz believes in doing all 3 surgeries at once and he gets beautiful results with minimal healing time.  The reason is that the tissue, hard and soft tissue, does not have to heal as far.

Healing time is reduced, pain is reduced, and number of procedures is reduced.

The tooth extraction and implant timeline is significantly reduced.  Instead of waiting 6-12 months for your implant crown, the new tooth can be inserted in just 3 months.



What Teeth are Best to have an Immediate Implant?


Front Teeth and Premolarstooth extraction and implant


Looking for a front tooth implant?  Dental implant front teeth are the best teeth in your mouth to implant immediately as they only have one root.  Same goes for the premolars and canines, the tooth before the molar.  They both have one root too.  Even if you are missing two front teeth, multiple implants can be placed at the same time as the tooth extraction.  We replace front teeth with dental implants all the time.

Say you are missing all 4 front teeth, you only need 2 dental implants to support a four tooth bridge.  Your new fake front teeth will look beautiful as if you never lost them.

The beauty about a front tooth implant is that the dental post goes exactly where the root used to be.  A dental implant front tooth is the best replacement option available in dentistry.

The only front tooth replacement options are to do a dental bridge which involves cutting down the neighboring teeth.  Who wants to do that?


Molarsmolar implant


A molar implant can be a little trickier as they have multiple roots and sometimes the dental post needs to go in the center.  However a lower molar implant are more predictable than upper molar teeth.  That is because lower molars have two roots and upper molars have three.  Most of the time a molar replacement implant can be done in one of the sockets of the lower molar as described above.

Pulling a molar tooth and placing an implant are tough to do all at once.   However, with our bone grafting and membranes we use it is possible, just more difficult.


How long does it take to pull a tooth you wonder?rotten tooth extraction cost


At Rockville Dental Arts we have over 20 years of experience in removing teeth.  We normally have most teeth out in less than 5 minutes, including wisdom teeth.  Even if you need a front tooth extraction it only takes a few minutes to remove it.  We recommend getting the dental implant placed at the same time which takes another 10 minutes.  So the whole procedure could take about 15 minutes.

Wondering what a rotten tooth extraction cost?  It could be anywhere from $200 to $350 to pull a tooth.  Even if it’s a rotten tooth or a broken tooth we can have it out in about 5 minutes!



What is the Healing Process Like?


The dental implant healing process is very easy since you are only have one surgical procedure.  The dental implant surgery is very simple too since there is already a hole in the jaw for the implant to be positioned and it is in the exact location needed for your new tooth.  Even if the teeth that are being removed are in bad condition, your jaw and gums might be in good condition and you could be suitable for an immediate implant placement.

Implants heal by a process called osseointegration.  Over a few short months, the bone becomes attached to the dental post making it stronger than your real tooth.  When a tooth is lost a single tooth implant can easily replace it when the tooth is removed.  This also prevents bone loss.



Full Mouth Extractionclear choice dental implants


If you need a full mouth extraction and you are wondering if a few dental implants can be placed at the same time then the answer you are looking for is YES!  If you are wondering how many teeth can a dentist pull at once the answer is all of them.  Whether we pull one tooth or all the teeth you heal in the same amount of time.  Getting all teeth pulled at once and getting permanent teeth replacement can be accomplished in as little as 3 months with clear choice dental implants.

Oftentimes, patients present with an entire mouth full of bad teeth from gum disease or decay or severe tooth wear.  We can successfully do a full mouth extraction and place multiple dental implants for same day teeth.  Our profession calls this the All on 4 implant or the clear choice implant technique.

Patients will require only one surgical procedure to remove the bad teeth and the placement of 2 to 12 dental implants on one or both jaws.  The patient leaves with new temporary teeth that day.

After a few short months of healing, the temporaries are converted to permanent bridges made of a super strong material known as Zirconia and porcelain.

The teeth you always dreamed about having can now be within reach.

Wondering how much to pull all teeth and get dentures?



The Recovery Processsame day tooth extraction


Not only will an immediate dental implant mean that you can get everything done in a single surgical procedure, but it’s been shown to have a shorter recovery time and healing time as well. If you’re not suitable for an immediate implant, don’t worry. You’ll be offered an immediate-delayed implant or a delayed implant.

It is also possible to place a temporary crown but not until the implant has been resting for a few months.  In the meantime you will probably just have a implant abutment holding the gums ready for the new tooth.



The Delayed Tooth Implant


How long after extraction can I get an implant?  If your tooth was already removed you will have to wait for some bone healing before getting a tooth implant.  We usually recommend waiting 3 months for the bones to heal and fill in properly.  Patients with diabetes may need to wait 6 months for full healing.

Dental ImplantsAn immediate-delayed implant happens soon after the extraction, within a month or two or three at most, and is recommended where there is damage to the soft tissue of the gums, missing bone or any presence of infection that needs a chance to heal. This might be caused by infection, especially if the reason for the extraction was severe rotting of the tooth. Your oral surgeon will discuss your treatment options and tell you when you’re ready to go.

How soon after tooth extraction can you have an implant?  The best time is immediately after the tooth is removed.  The implant can be placed directly into the socket and allowed to heal.  However, if your tooth was removed days or weeks ago, then you will have to wait about 3 months for proper bone healing.

In case of a delayed implant, you can expect to wait for around two months for the dental implant placed to heal. This happens where there is substantial weakening of the jawbone and, in some cases, a separate bone graft might be required.  The total treatment time can be up to six months, but your tooth will last you a lifetime!


Interested in knowing the cost of dental implants? 



Tooth Implant Removal


Unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect and dental implants are no exception.  More than 98% of the time they are very successful and work for the life of the patient believe it or not.  However, there can be complications with dental implants.  Implants are made mostly of metallic substance but under extreme biting forces even metal can break.  The implant itself can break, get infected, or get loose and therefore, may need to be removed by a qualified surgeon.

If you have a dental implant that has gone bad or has broken, which is very rare but can happen, Dr. Norkiewicz can perform the implant removal and usually place another larger sized implant at the same time.  Similar to having a tooth removed and an implant placed at the same time.  However the area must be in perfect condition and there must be suitable healthy bone.



Tooth Extraction and Implant Placement in Rockville, MD

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