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Teeth Whitening Aftercare

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teeth whitening aftercareTeeth Whitening Aftercare

Tooth whitening is a common procedure we use here in Rockville to help our patients get lighter, brighter smiles. It does not involve any invasive procedures, and can be done very quickly. We only have to apply a whitening gel to your teeth, and then use a blue light to activate the hydrogen peroxide. This breaks down the pigment that is staining the teeth, leaving behind only a beautiful smile. Here is what you need to know about teeth whitening aftercare:

Not Just One Appointment

To do a true tooth whitening process as defined by cosmetic dentistry, you will need to have the procedure performed over three or four weeks. This is because a custom mouth guard is made to fit every crack and crevice of your teeth to ensure the best whitening effect. Then a teeth whitening specialist here in Rockville will do the first treatment. After that, you will continue the process at your own home. So be aware that the teeth whitening aftercare process is not a one-time thing.

Aftercare Guidelines

All you really need to do after a teeth whitening is to maintain good oral hygiene, and use the product as directed at home to continue the process. It is a very good idea to avoid drinks or other substances that stain teeth, including dark green leafy vegetables, directly after a whitening for at least a day.

Some people find that teeth whitening makes their teeth sensitive for the first 24 hours or so afterwards. The longest this should last is a few days, but if you experience long-term sensitivity, sore gums, or white patches on the gum line, you should come back to your dentist’s office.

Learn More from Your Cosmetic Dentist

We want to be sure that all our patients get the best results possible from teeth whitening. Aftercare is not difficult, and can make your whitening procedure last much longer. Contact us at Rockville Dental Arts today online or call our Rockville office at 301-424-2030 to learn more.


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