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From Rockville, MD: TMJ FAQs


TMJ facts

TMJ is a commonly used term that stands for Temporomandibular Joint. Patients often express the need for TMJ consultations and treatment, and its symptoms are diverse. Experiencing TMJ can range from mild irritation to severe discomfort. Our TMJ specialists in the city of Rockville, MD can determine what your symptoms mean, and if you are a likely candidate for TMJ treatment. Here is our list of TMJ FAQs.


What is TMJ?


TMJ and TMD are disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint, caused by misaligned teeth, stressed facial muscles, teeth grinding, injury, chronic pain, and more. Emotional stress and poor posture can also lead to the development of TMJ. Over 20 million Americans experience TMJ symptoms ranging on a scale from mild to severe. Continue on with our TMJ FAQs to help you narrow down your symptoms and the urgency of your need for treatment.


What are TMJ and TMD Symptoms?


Our TMJ specialist has determined that the most common and frequent TMJ symptoms include:

  • Non-vascular headaches
  • Eye pain in front or behind the eyes
  • The clicking and popping of the jaws at the joint
  • A ringing sound in the ears
  • Bruxism and heavy teeth grinding
  • Tightened facial muscles and clenching
  • Back, neck, and head tension or pain


How Do I Know if I Need Treatment?


Frequent pains and discomforts in the jaw, head, and neck can be a sign that you need to schedule an appointment with a TMJ specialist for assessment and diagnosis. If you suffer from bruxism and heavy teeth grinding, whether due to stress, inability to properly bite, or a misaligned jaw, you should see a dentist before it’s too late. Our dentists in Rockville, MD can help treat the symptoms of TMJ. Make sure to assess your symptoms sooner rather than later, as untreated TMJ can have permanent lasting effects on your skull and overall health.  We typically start with simple therapy such as a dental night guard.  When made correctly most patients symptoms go away.


Schedule Your TMJ Consultation Today


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms of TMJ and TMD, our TMJ specialist would like to meet with you. Visit Rockville Dental Arts for a comprehensive consultation to determine your next steps. The TMJ FAQ is in place to help you identify and understand the causes and symptoms of TMJ, as well as decide if treatment is necessary for your case. Give us a call at 301-424-2030 to check our schedule’s availability with either Dr. Norkiewicz or his associates. Our office is always available for TMJ and TMD assessment.


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