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Dental Implant Cost

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How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost?


Implants are not inexpensive.  In fact as for the cost of dental implants, they are probably the most expensive dentistry repair that we can provide in your mouth.  However if you think about losing a finger or an ear, how much would you pay to replace it and have it be extremely close the original, if not better?  Implants allow us to replace your missing tooth or missing teeth and they will chew like a real tooth, look like a real tooth and are stronger in many ways than real teeth!  Additionally they can last the rest of your life!   That is a long term success!  Compared to other tooth replacement options implants are no contest.  A natural tooth is a body part that should be replaced if lost.  Implanted teeth do cost a few thousand dollars each ranging from $2000 – $4000 a tooth depending on the type of tooth and the quality and quantity of bone present.  The better news is for people missing many natural teeth.  Implants are so strong that they can support up to 3 teeth per implant but only if connected to other implants.  For example if you are missing all of your teeth we can support 12 teeth on just 4 implants, much like a chair has 4 legs.  This is called the All on 4 technique.  Modern dental engineering!


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Insurance Covers Dental Implants


Most dental insurance covers implant dentistry because implants are so widely used these days.  Insurance companies have come around to the fact that most patients want this form of treatment for  single tooth extraction and dental implant treatment.  Patients are demanding their teeth be replaced with implants and not old school bridgework that looks unsightly and takes grinding down of the adjacent teeth or ugly partial dentures that have metal hooks on the teeth.  Insurance companies pay up to 50% or more for implanted teeth, especially when missing a single tooth.  A full mouth of tooth implants could be a different story though as most insurance companies have an annual maximum payout of just $2000.  Of course every dental insurance is different.   Talk to our insurance experts at Rockville Dental Arts to find out what your insurance covers.

What is the Cost of Implants for Teeth?

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Dental Implants cost anywhere between $2000-$4000+ per tooth depending on what dentist or specialist you see.  Typically, general dentists placing and restoring implants are cheaper than specialists like periodontists and oral surgeons because of two reasons.  First they have less formal and expensive training.  Periodontist and oral surgeons go to an additional three to four years of schooling to learn their trade but dental implants are just a small portion of their training.  Secondly, general dentists like, Dr. Norkiewicz, are providing basic dental care and therefore, can keep the implant cost down for the patient.

Tooth Implants Can Vary

There are varying sizes, materials and techniques in the cost of tooth implants.  There are titanium and zirconia implants.  There are also 20 different sizes of dental implants and 100 different manufacturers of dental implants.  Depending on which implant your dentist chooses can change the cost accordingly.  However when multiple teeth are missing dental implants can be used to support several teeth, thereby reducing the overall cost.  For example if three teeth are missing, then only 2 dental implants are need to support the 3 tooth bridge.  Additionally some cases need bone grafting depending on the individuals medical conditions.  Dental Implant treatments are not for everyone either.  Click here to read more about the benefits of dental implants.  Consult with Dr. Norkiewicz to see if they are right for you.  Our dental implant procedure is easy and painless.

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