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Did you know that dentures today aren’t what they used to be? There was a time where you’d hear stories of dentures embarrassing the people who wear them.

Today, dentures have been made more stable and beautiful than ever. There are also different kinds, including denture implants, that have revolutionized the options for people who need it most.


What You Need to Know About Modern Denture Implants


woman looking at pristine teeth while holding a mirrorAre dentures the best solution for everyone with missing teeth? No. If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’ll want to visit a dentist with options for dentures near me, a dentist with a professional history of doing what’s best for their patients.

Our Rockville, MD office serves patients in the surrounding area with a full range of dental options for patients with missing teeth. We are even equipped for oral surgery, so you won’t have to visit another office if that turns out to be an option for you.

These are qualities you should look for in a premium dentist office when considering places to find dentures near me.


Who Are Dentures Best For?


Your dentist will first want to see if you’re a better candidate for dentures or dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent solution with less maintenance for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. However, financing them can be a problem through some insurance companies. While many insurance companies will cover them, others will only do so in the most essential cases.

Beyond this, some patients aren’t a suitable fit for dental implants. This option requires oral surgery to install the implant. This may not be the best solution for patients with a heart condition or diabetes or even heavy smokers. In some instances, the jawbone may not be healthy enough to install a quality implant. In these circumstances, dentures can be the perfect solution to give you naturally appearing and functioning teeth.

Dentures can be used when you have lost all of your teeth, or are just missing a few. There are several different types of dentures that can be used depending on the needs of your dental health.


Types of Dentures: Denture Implants, Partial Dentures, and More


When you begin your journey looking into dentures near me, you’ll hear a lot of terminology being thrown around. Let’s clarify what some of this means.


Partial Denturespartial dentures


Partial dentures are for patients who have a few missing teeth. The rest of your teeth are still healthy, but you need to fill the gaps in your smile. Today, we have dental imaging technology that makes it possible for us to get a good look at your teeth and create partial dentures that will be a snug and stable fit.

This means you can eat with your dentures, talk, and smile confidently. We want to create partial dentures customized for you so that you can live your life the same as you would have with your natural teeth.


Denture Implants


snap on dentures

Denture implants are an amazing solution, sometimes referred to as snap-on dentures. If you have a healthy jawbone that is suitable for denture implants, we can install two implants on the bottom jaw and two to four implants above. Don’t worry, this happens painlessly through oral surgery. You will then be able to securely snap your dentures into the implants.

There will be no need for denture glues. This makes maintaining your dentures easier. It also provides more confidence that your dentures will not slip or come loose while you’re eating or talking. You can always feel confident that your smile appears natural.


Other Dentures


Older couple happy with dentures

There are more options as well, such as traditional dentures that rest on the gum line. These are a bit less stable, so many patients find they need to secure them using a product like Fixodent to keep them stable enough to eat with. These are still a beautiful and natural solution if you and your dentist decide they are the best fit for you.


Temporary Dentures


If you’ve recently lost your teeth through a trauma, it may be necessary to use temporary dentures while your gums heal. The size of your gums will adjust during this time. Once the healing process has completed, we will use the highest standard of dental imaging technology to get you fitted with your long term denture solution so you can be more confident and feel more natural with your teeth. No one will be able to tell by looking at you that you are wearing dentures.


What Happens After I Get Dentures


After you get dentures, you may go through a brief adjustment period. If you ever have any problems, our team is here for you. We can help you adjust, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you always have the best fit for your teeth.

Modern dentures aren’t something to be embarrassed about. They’re a beautiful solution that will make eating easier and give you a confident smile so you can live your best life.

Are you ready to talk to our team about your dental health? Let’s get started. Call our office today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


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