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Dentures Overview

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Dentures Overview

Do you tend to hide your smile because you have one or more missing teeth? Dental implants are, of course, the most obvious and best choice for filling in the gaps in your smile, but some insurance plans do not cover implants unless they are absolutely essential. Furthermore, some patients – for example, those who are living with diabetes or a heart condition – are not suitable candidates for dental implants. If you fall under either of these categories, we may have a good solution for you with dentures.

Now, you may be a bit skeptical, as you have no doubt seen old cartoons or heard old stories about dentures slipping, falling out and generally being a big pain. However, you will note that you do not hear those stories from people who wear dentures today. Thanks to modern dental imaging technology and superior methods for taking impressions, at Rockville Dental Arts located in Rockville, MD, we can offer our patients full dentures or partial dentures that have a snug, stable fit with no discomfort.snap on dentures

You should also know that you have options when it comes to which type of dentures you choose. If you have one or a few teeth missing due to trauma, but the rest of your teeth are still healthy, you can opt for partial dentures to replace only the missing teeth. If most or all of your teeth need to be replaced, full snap on dentures can be made to perfectly fit the ridge line of your jaw.

If you have just recently had teeth extracted or lost them due to trauma, your gums will likely need time to heal and shrink. During this time, a flexible temporary denture can be used to protect your gums and allow you to eat and speak normally. Then, once the healing is complete, you will be fitted with permanent dentures that will fit more snugly and will appear completely natural to anyone you meet.

The major benefit of dentures is that they are covered by many insurance policies. This cuts down on the cost of restoring your smile a great deal and with modern dentures you can enjoy a normal life and eat all of the foods you love. There may be an adjustment period, but we will be more than happy to help you as you get used to your new dentures.


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