Are you one of the more than 36 million Americans who have no teeth whatsoever, according to the American College of Prosthodontists?

Whether it’s due to severe tooth decay caused by years of neglect, malnutrition leading to vitamin and mineral deficiency, or any number of other reasons, dentures could be the solution you seek. 


Unfortunately, not all dentures are created equal.

Some individuals may have removable partial plates or full dentures that are a poor match for their jawline. This not only leads to ongoing discomfort but can adversely affect the way you taste food, or contribute to bone loss or digestion complications.


Bottom line: the long-term oral health effects resulting from poorly fitting dentures means you can’t trust their creation to just anyone.

At Rockville Dental Arts, perfect pearly whites — in prosthetic form — are well within your reach. Since we customize each dental prosthesis to the exact specifications of our one-of-a-kind patients, false teeth look and feel like the real deal and our denture fit is guaranteed to be perfect.



Who Can Get Dentures?Fake Teeth can look beautiful

Generally speaking, there is no age limit. And even though your teeth are extremely resilient and enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, the potential need for dentures becomes greater as you get older.

This explains why among elderly Americans, about 23 million individuals 65 years of age and older have no teeth whatsoever, a ratio of 2 to 1, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.


At Rockville Dental Arts, be confident knowing we’ll comprehensively examine not only your current dental health situation but all options available should there be a need to replace teeth with removable partial dentures, complete dentures, immediate dentures, dental implants or implant-supported dentures.

Snap-on teeth or dentures that are removable may also be considered. No matter what solution is recommended, you’ll be paired with our prosthodontist and treatment plan that is tailored to your situation and overall needs, whether you’re a young adult, elderly or anywhere in between.



What Types of Dentures Are There?

There are numerous reasons as to why you may need dentures — and almost as many solutions. The types include:

  • Snap-on
  • Partial
  • Immediate
  • Fixed
  • Metal 
  • Flexible


Which one is best, largely depends on a patient’s needs in terms of dental care and if a complete teeth replacement procedure is required.  We evaluate your remaining natural teeth and will discuss your options including regular dental care and permanent dentures.


before dentures      New Dentures


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Dentures: Types, Costs & Alternatives

Snap-on Teeth


snap in dentures

Also known as implant-supported or overdenture, snap-on teeth are far and away our most popular option that most of our patients have selected over the years. In fact, 90% of them have gone with snap-on.

These dentures are removable and, as their description suggests, the dentures snap into place on the implant fixtures on each arch. This ensures they’re snug and remain secure, without ever having to use denture glue or paste. At the same time, though, they’re easy to take out before bedtime or whenever else the need arises. 


Snap-on dentures are fairly simple to care for as well; aside from regular brushing and flossing, you just need to replace the plastic snaps annually to ensure they don’t wear out from overuse.



Partialpartial denture

Just as molars, canines and incisors have different functions, their overall condition can vary, enabling them to stay in place while the impaired teeth are removed. Partial dentures serve as substitutes for what’s extracted and join the teeth of your own that remain. They may be the preferred option when between four and eight teeth are extracted. Dental implants are typically what’s best for three or fewer.

Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and his team are veneer engineers and will aim to mirror the design of the partial dentures so they match the color and curvature of your actual teeth and ensure that they’re comfortable, an issue many people with partial dentures encounter early on. 



Immediate Affordable Dentures

Due to ongoing dental health concerns, there may come a time in which all your teeth must be taken out. As you can imagine, the extraction of multiple teeth or even all 32 teeth requires a great deal of time for your mouth and gum tissue to fully heal and convalesce. In such a scenario, immediate dentures serve as a temporary solution.

Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz will set you up with a pair so you can maintain a sense of normalcy and feel confident as you smile, talk and eat as per usual while awaiting the creation of your custom-crafted dentures. Aside from speed and bone loss prevention that can occur when you go too long without them, immediate dentures have the added advantage of being very affordable and serve as a backup if the one you regularly use needs fixing or some other unforeseen problem arises.




fixed denture

While most dentures are removable, they’re not for everyone. The fact that they’re not attached can make them feel awkward and somewhat cumbersome in the mouth. Fixed fixes this. Slim, sleek and composed of a metal-like framework that ensures they’re fully anchored into place.

They combine performance and aesthetics and are ideal for situations requiring four to six dental implants on each arch, or no fewer than four. Learn more about the All On 4 dental implant solution and why this is one of Dr. Norkiewicz’s signature specialties. 



Metalpartial denture cost

Made from cobalt chrome, metal dentures are for those who value functionality and affordability. True to its title, metal frames are rugged and rigid so they’re highly effective in terms of performance for functional tasks like chewing. But what they provide in practicality they lack in overall appearance and aesthetics.

Because the frame may need to hook around existing teeth so they can snap into place, the wiring may be visibly apparent. We, of course, strive to ensure that this isn’t the case but it’s something to be mindful of when selecting this option. Additionally, metal partials have a shelf life. Assuming you remove plaque regularly through daily brushing and flossing, they typically last between 8 to 15 years. 


Lower Denture Options

lower denture options

Upper Denture Options

upper denture options


How do you properly care for dentures?denture care

Effective denture care is about so much more than fighting bad breath; it’s required to keep them looking and performing at their very best. For removable dentures, this entails soft-bristle brushing the surface of the denture, removing any denture adhesive, soaking dentures overnight in denture cleaner or soak-safe solution and rinsing before reapplication.

A clean denture is a happy prosthesis and a happy patient.

Fixed dentures should be cared for as you would your normal teeth: remember to brush, floss, water pik and attend regularly scheduled cleanings with your dentist. 



Can you tell if someone is wearing dentures?

happy denture patient
Actual Denture Patient

The material and processes that go toward denture creation have come a long way over the years.

Today’s false teeth look incredibly authentic and natural and can perform as well as the real thing. However, depending on the denture solution you choose — and the dental practice tasked with their creation — dentures aren’t always foolproof.

Additionally, those who are new to wearing them may find it difficult to adapt in terms of getting accustomed to how they feel and respond to jaw movements when talking, chewing or singing.  Dentures may feel awkward at first but everyone gets used to them in due time.


Rest assured that at Rockville Dental Arts, we go to great lengths to customize the dentures that are designed for you. Through our preparation (i.e. consultation, impression, design, etc.) and expertise, we’ll develop a denture that’s true to you and how you look.

Our ultimate aim is to give you the teeth that are as close to the ones with which you were born, without compromising functionality and ongoing performance.



How Much do Dentures Cost?how much do dentures cost

It’s difficult to say with precision the price you can expect to spend on dentures. Much depends on the type (e.g. fixed, partial, etc.), the materials used (e.g. metal, porcelain, acrylic, etc.) and if expedited service is required.

Most dentures made by our in house prosthodontist range from $300 to $3,500, and we will be able to give you a price for your specific needs after a consultation at our office.  We do offer free consultations for new patients to our office.


How much do dentures cost with extractions?

At full service dental offices, like ours, we can remove your bad teeth and send you home with new dentures the same day.

The cost will depend on many factors such as how many teeth are being removed and the type of dentures you are receiving but in general the cost is between $2,000 – $8,000 to get you into new teeth now.


Are dentures cheaper than implants?

Absolutely.  The cheapest way to replace your teeth is with our many types of dentures.

Dental implants are more costly but also last longer and provide better function, better support and better quality when compared to dentures.


You’ll never be caught off guard when choosing Rockville Dental Arts for dentures or any other oral health needs. When you come to see us for a consultation, we’ll first talk to you about your concerns, perform a comprehensive evaluation and then provide you with a game plan for what your options are.

We’ll also give you our professional opinion on the treatment plan that we consider to be the best and explain why that’s the case. We’re committed to full transparency that’s broader and wider than an ear-to-ear smile.  


Never Be Embarrassed To Smile Againdentures before and after


Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you.

At Rockville Dental Arts, we aim to ensure that what they see is dental perfection. Based in Rockville, our lab is local so we can deliver on providing you with custom-crafted dentures far faster than you might expect — potentially in as little as 48 hours. Better yet, we have affordable options and accept several insurance plans to help you save on out-of-pocket expenses. 


For top-to-bottom quality and satisfaction sure to make you smile, turn to Rockville Dental Arts. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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Having severe dental anxiety I was skeptical and hesitant to have my remaining wisdom teeth removed. But when the overcrowding in my mouth became painful I knew it was time. From first contact through my appointment the staff was extremely responsive and helpful and while visiting any dentistry isn’t always the most pleasant experience, everyone I met was extremely kind and professional helping me to get through my procedure with ease and very little discomfort.
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