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We at Rockville Dental Arts believe in offering the very best patient care possible. That’s why we invest in advanced dental technologies for our dental office.

Our dentists and staff are trained to use the most cutting edge equipment to ensure your treatments are done properly every time. Through this technology, we can handle procedures effectively, and these options can even reduce the treatment time as well as the time needed to recover. They will even help us with our goal of offering the most comfortable treatments too.

Our goal is always to provide the very best in safe, comfortable treatment to our patients. We accomplish this by using the top of the line technology and always staying up to date on the newest innovations.


Digital Photography


When you come to Rockville Dental Arts, we know how important it is that you get the best and most comfortable care possible. That’s why we use cutting edge technology for diagnoses and treatments like digital photography. We use dental photography to the standards created by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and we have found it very useful in a number of different photography

Our dentists will use digital photography for a wide variety of purposes, including:


  1. A problem-solving method that allows our staff to look at individual teeth and how they change over time.
  2. A tool to anticipate problems before they happen or to deal with post treatment issues as well.
  3. Intraoral shots will give us more information so that we can diagnose problems with soft tissue, teeth alignment, and tooth color as well.
  4. Digital photography will even let us get a visual image of what your teeth can look like after cosmetic dentistry is completed.
  5. We can dental images throughout various phases of treatment to confirm that they are successful.
  6. Through dental photographs, we will be able to help patients visualize their treatments and the results they can expect.


No matter your situation, talk to us about how digital photography can be a helpful aid in the process. In addition, we even use our digital photography technology to offer a stunning before and after gallery so that you can see the results of the dental treatments we have to offer.  Your oral health is important to us which is why we offer different types of dental photographs of your teeth.  When you see what we see you will be amazed!


Digital X-Rays


dental x rayAt Rockville Dental Arts, we will take every step possible to ensure that you get the best treatment. That’s why we have invested in cutting edge dental technology, including digital x-rays. That way, we can find, diagnose, and treat concerns before they become serious enough to require more in-depth treatment.

Dental x-rays  and panoramic x-rays are both safe and convenient, giving your dentist the power to handle your dental concerns, often before you even know there was something to be worried about. There are many advantages to using this method, including:

  1. You will be exposed to less radiation, making digital x-rays safer than traditional methods. panoramic dental x ray
  2. Your x-rays will take less time so you won’t have to spend so much time at the office.
  3. The images will be very high quality, meaning our dentists will be able to find and diagnose problems much sooner.
  4. We continue to use the lead apron and thyroid collar to reduce radiation exposure
  5. Your dental records will be kept on a computer instead of just in films, and that means transferring records is easy.
  6. Intraoral x-rays are almost immediate with the use of a digital sensor


The benefit of digital radiography is that we can offer you the very best in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. That’s why we offer digital radiography and the panoramic x ray for your convenience, safety, and care. 

In rare cases we may suggest a cone beam scan, also known as a CBCT or 3D xray, which is a computed tomography of your teeth and jaws.  Our dental technicians are trained and licensed to take this and every film in our dental office.




panorexYou are probably used to x-rays being used to locate and identify cavities, and that is true. However, cutting edge technology lets us do so much more here at Rockville Dental Arts. In fact, thanks to the Panorex dental x ray. We will be able to see, not just your teeth, but the whole mouth, and that means we can find a variety of problems quickly. Through the panorex, we will be able to see:

  • Both your upper and lower jawbones.
  • Your TMJ or temporomandibular joints.
  • Your sinus cavities and the bones surrounding then.
  • The mandibular nerve, which is the nerve that provides your lower teeth and gums with sensation.
  • Any large tooth decay that may be present
  • Impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth and other impactions


By being able to see all of this, we will be able to diagnose a wide array of problems that may not have been caught so soon otherwise. Through the Panorex x-ray film, our dentists will be able to diagnose TMD, early signs of oral cancer, problems with the jaw bone, problems with teeth development, wisdom teeth issues, and sinus problems too.  For pregnant women please consult your physician prior to any x-rays.


Soft Tissue Laser


At Rockville Dental Arts, we offer both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and we take the time to ensure our methods and procedures use the most cutting edge laser dentistry. Our dentists and our entire staff have been trained to use the dental laser in every way possible to ensure you have access to the best treatments. One such option is the soft tissue laser, which is considered one of the most innovative dental tools of our time.

The soft tissue dental laser allows us to make cuts with the utmost precision to the soft tissues surrounding the teeth.  In addition to such precise control, the laser will virtually eliminate bleeding, and that means it will significantly reduce healing time.

We can use the soft tissue laser for a number of different things, including treatment of periodontal diseases. We strongly suggest the use of the diode laser for gum pockets in our periodontitis patients to completely eradicate the bacteria.  We have seen amazing results in our patients.  So, no matter your problem, this high-tech device could help solve it.


Why use a Laser for Gum Disease?

lanapLANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It is a minimally invasive dental procedure that is used to treat gum disease. The procedure involves the use of a special laser, which is used to remove diseased tissue and bacteria from the gum line.

During a LANAP procedure, a dentist or periodontist uses a laser to selectively target and remove infected tissue and bacteria from the gums. The laser is capable of removing only the diseased tissue, while leaving the healthy tissue intact. This makes the procedure less painful and less invasive than traditional gum surgery.

After the infected tissue is removed, the laser is used to stimulate the remaining healthy tissue to reattach to the tooth root. This promotes healing and the regeneration of new, healthy gum tissue. In some cases, the laser may also be used to remove tartar and calculus buildup from the tooth surface.

The LANAP procedure has several advantages over traditional gum surgery. It is less painful, requires less downtime, and has a shorter recovery period. It is also more precise, allowing for targeted removal of diseased tissue without damaging healthy tissue. Additionally, the procedure can be completed in just one or two visits to the dentist.

However, not all patients are good candidates for LANAP. It is generally recommended for patients with moderate to severe gum disease. Your dentist or periodontist can help determine if the procedure is right for you.


If you have questions about the dental technology and equipment we use at our dentist office in Rockville Maryland, then contact us at 301-424-2030 or fill out our contact form. You can speak with our experienced staff or even schedule an evaluation with one of our dentists so that you can find out more.


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Giovany Ortiz
Giovany Ortiz
February 9, 2022.
Excelente servicio médico y atención.
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Robert Worrest
January 31, 2022.
Great service and friendly staff.
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Luisa Borda
January 27, 2022.
Got seen super quick as a new patient. Staff was great and our visit was quick and convenient.
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Chang Yu Dennis Lin
January 27, 2022.
My cleaning was fast and excellent Jackie is very good at her job. Shannon was also good and accommodating to my needs for the next appointment
Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes
January 25, 2022.
Absolutely amazing people..And the service was outstanding..I highly recommend
January 25, 2022.
Having severe dental anxiety I was skeptical and hesitant to have my remaining wisdom teeth removed. But when the overcrowding in my mouth became painful I knew it was time. From first contact through my appointment the staff was extremely responsive and helpful and while visiting any dentistry isn’t always the most pleasant experience, everyone I met was extremely kind and professional helping me to get through my procedure with ease and very little discomfort.
dide summerlin
dide summerlin
January 23, 2022.
The staff and the service are top notch. They are professional, caring and friendly. Love everything about this practice!
Hooper Nichols
Hooper Nichols
January 18, 2022.
Efficient, caring service. Highly recommended

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