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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Aspen Hill, Rockville, & North Bethesda, Maryland


Sleep ApneaSleep apnea is not just a hassle that keeps you from getting enough sleep. It is actually a serious condition. That’s because, if you have sleep apnea, then you actually stop breathing as much as hundreds of times each and every night. As a result, your body is not getting enough oxygen, and that can be damaging. There are actually two different types of the condition, including obstructive sleep apnea due to something blocking the airway when you sleep, and central sleep apnea, which is due to the brain not sending signals to your body and muscles to breathe. People who have this condition are at risk for severe side effects. These include lack of sleep, of course, high blood pressure, heart damage, diabetes, stroke, headaches, heart attack, and depression. At Rockville Dental Arts, our dentists will discuss the two different options we offer for resolving sleep apnea: TAP and SomnoMed.



The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP) is a system that can be used to resolve a variety of problems including sleep apnea, teeth grinding, GERD, and snoring. It works by managing the airway, so it is best used with obstructive sleep apnea. The tap system uses a midline tension mechanism, which actually pulls your jaw forward and ensures your airway is clear while you sleep.



Our second option that the dentist will discuss with you is called SomnoMed. This is another solution for obstructive sleep apnea, which includes the use of a mouthpiece to ensure the jaw is properly aligned to avoid obstruction. SomnoMed actually offers a selection of different solutions using COAT or continuous open airway therapy. The devices can also be combined with CPAP machines, which will provide a flow of oxygen to the patient during their sleep.


What to Expect

Sleep ApneaIf you have reason to believe that you may have this condition, then it is important to talk to a dentist as soon as possible. There are too many negative side effects to ignore this concern. Likely, you will need to take part in a sleep study. This is done to evaluate your condition, determine if it is sleep apnea, figure out how severe it is, and then determine what type of sleep apnea you have. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, then we are here to help you. After this has been diagnosed, then your dentist here at Rockville Dental Arts will discuss you options with you including the TAP and SomnoMed systems. Depending on the severity of your condition, one may be preferred over the other.



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If you would like to talk with Dr. Norkiewicz about your sleep apnea concerns, then call 301-424-2030 and schedule a consult today or fill out our contact form. We will be able to schedule your evaluation with our Rockville dentists and discuss the choices you have. We are waiting to talk with you today so that sleep apnea doesn’t continue to be a problem for you.

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