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Misconceptions About TMJ Treatment

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Misconceptions About TMJ Treatment


misconceptions about tmj treatment

Do you have misconceptions about TMJ Treatment?  Do you hear clicks in your jaw? Do your joints pop? Do you get massive headaches or grind your teeth at night? You may assume that you have TMD – but you may not have it. Our awesome Rockville dentists, Dr. Norkiewicz and associates, have identified the biggest misconceptions about TMJ to offer you the best insight about this jaw-afflicting disorder. Read what our TMJ dentist has to say and understand the misconceptions about TMJ for yourself!


TMD Is a Rare Condition


TMJ is quite common among adults across the globe. Almost 10% of all Americans suffer from TMD, and our dentists can tell you that there are several symptoms that can lead to this diagnosis. Almost everyone is susceptible to developing TMD.


Surgery Is the Only Treatment


Fortunately, there are many ways to help cure or treat TMJ that don’t involve surgery. Most patients do not require surgical intervention to help with their TMD – only the most severe cases of TMJ pain may need to have surgery.


Headaches Equals TMJ


Not all headaches are a result of TMJ. While many patients with TMD do express that their jaw problems give them headaches, one of the biggest misconceptions about TMJ is that all headaches are a result of jaw issues. Some headaches are vascular, while others are caused in the brain.


Pain While Chewing


Chewing pain can come from a variety of different sources, including toothaches, gum disease, and issues with the salivary glands. If you are experiencing pain in the jaw joint or muscle, it may lead to a TMJ diagnosis.


Call Us for Your TMJ Issues


If you feel like you possess several of the symptoms that lead to TMJ, you should consult with our TMJ specialist immediately to see what can be done. Our awesome dentists in Rockville can provide treatments that will alleviate pain and debunk any misconceptions about TMJ treatment. Visit us in person at Rockville Dental Arts, or give us a call at (301) 424-2030.


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