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Benefits of Invisalign

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Benefits of Invisalign

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Dr. Norkiewicz and associates of Rockville Dental Arts in Rockville, MD encourage all of our patients to consider the remarkable benefits of Invisalign. Though some put them under the heading of orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry, they can also provide tremendous support for those with issues as far ranging as TMJ or a misaligned bite. As your dentist in Rockville, MD, our goal is to ensure you have optimally healthy teeth and gums, and if Invisalign can support such goals, we ensure you have access to this treatment.


Many people mistakenly call this system clear braces, but it is really a set or series of clear aligners (trays that slide tightly over your teeth) that are custom-made to your needs, and which slowly adjust and change the position of your teeth. Obviously, one of the chief benefits of Invisalign, is that they are nearly invisible.


Few of us are happy about the appearance of classic braces, with their wires and brackets so impossible to ignore. When you use the Invisalign aligners, no one will know by glancing at your smile that you are wearing an appliance that is straightening your teeth.


Apart from the appearance (or non-appearance) of the aligners, another of the key benefits of Invisalign is their remarkable comfort. Classic braces can be unattractive, but even worse is their discomfort. They can scratch and scrape the soft tissue of the mouth and they can even be painful when removed. The Invisalign trays are smooth and painless, and they don’t interfere with your mouth in any way. This too is different from braces, which prevent you from enjoying your usual diet.


In fact, this is yet another of the benefits of Invisalign – you can eat, speak, and do oral health hygiene like always. Braces mean limiting your diet, speaking in an unnatural manner, and struggling to clean your teeth. The clear aligners, though, pop out for meals and drinks, and don’t change how you talk. When it is time to brush and floss, they come out in an instant to allow you to maintain total oral health.Invisalign aligner


Other relevant benefits of Invisalign include their speed – taking around 12 months to two years to do the job that braces might do in three to five years, and that your outcome is easily seen far in advance thanks to the technologies use. You can actually get a preview image of your smile thanks to the computer tech used to create your custom trays!



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