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TMJ Facts


TMJ facts

Did you know it’s estimated that millions of American adults have untreated TMJ? TMJ, which is also called TMD, is something that causes jaw pain, headaches, earaches, and many more symptoms. If you have been experiencing pain in your jaw or around your ear, you may be a candidate for TMJ treatment in Rockville at Rockville Dental Arts. Here are some TMJ facts to consider:


What Is TMJ?


TMJ, or TMD, is a large group of conditions in the jaw, including the joint, muscle, and nerves of the jaw. The symptoms include:

  • Painful movement of the jaw
  • Pain in or around the ear
  • Headaches and a sore neck
  • Jaw soreness in the morning
  • Jaw soreness in the early evening
  • A jaw that “locks up” sometimes
  • Clicking or popping noise when opening the jaw
  • Sensitive teeth that are not related to any dental issue

As you can see, there are many things that could be related to TMJ that can go unnoticed. Someone with headaches and earaches might think they have an issue with their ears, for example. It is an unfortunate TMJ fact that we do not know what causes TMJ exactly. Most believe it is a combination of arthritis, improperly aligned bite, or an injury or dislocation of the jaw. It could also be stress-related.


TMJ Treatment


TMJ treatment may include adjusting your bite, taking medications, or even having surgery to correct the joint and surrounding muscle. Because there are so many symptoms and no one cause, it is more likely that your dentist will attempt to treat the symptoms rather than the TMD itself. Many patients also work to learn relaxation techniques, and get mouth guards to stop teeth grinding in their sleep.


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