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Have you lost a tooth due to injury or disease?  Are you wondering what is the absolute best way to replace a missing tooth?  This is the 21st century and you no longer have to suffer with missing teeth.  Dental implants are the perfect solution for tooth replacement.

Injury, disease, and even age can cause you to lose teeth, impacting your once-full smile and your confidence along with it. Rather than spending the rest of your life with a partial smile and difficulty eating and speaking, tooth implants from Rockville Dental Arts can restore your smile to its former glory. 

If you are looking for dental implants near me then you definitely found the right office.  We can take you from consult to completion for all your implant needs in just one office.  Whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, Dr. Norkiewicz can replace them beautifully as if nothing happened.


teeth replacement options
Replacing Teeth with Implants



Implant Services We Offer Here Are:Tooth Implant Process



  1. Single Tooth Implant
  2. Front Tooth Implant
  3. Molar Implants
  4. Implant Bridges
  5. Snap On Dentures
  6. Denture Implants
  7. All On 4
  8. Dental Implants with Tooth  Removal




What Are Dental Implants?


So you think you need a dental implant?  Losing a tooth or already missing  a tooth can be traumatic.  Fortunately, you found Rockville Dental Arts – a one stop shop for all your extraction, implant and bone grafting needs.


One Missing Tooth

dental implants near me


When you lose teeth, or if you are looking for a root canal alternative, many people think this means they’re automatically heading for dentures or a bridges. However, if you’re only missing one tooth, or a few teeth spread apart in your mouth from one another, a tooth implant may be a better option.  Whether you need a molar implant or a front tooth implant, Dr. Norkiewicz is a skilled local implant dentist that can perform them all.

Dental implant planning is a skill not many possess.  When properly planned an artificial metal tooth root is inserted exactly where your old root used to be. This root is similar in shape to a traditional carpentry screw but it is made out of titanium.  Titanium is a inert biological metal that does not cause allergy to humans. An abutment, or post, is added to the implant to hold the crown in place. Once the implant is healed, a false tooth is attached to it, giving you the look, the strength and feel of a natural tooth.


A Few Missing Teeth


dental implant bridge

When you are missing three or four teeth in a row then you would likely qualify for a dental implant bridge.  Two dental implants are placed and then a fixed implant bridge is inserted on top of the two metal posts.  This will serve you well in the long run as dental implants do not get decay and should never break.

The dental implant bridge cost is more than just one tooth implant but the advantage is that you do not need to pay for implants for every missing tooth.  If you want to know how much an implant supported bridge cost then we recommend you come in for a consultation.  Our implant specialist will need to evaluate the bone and make sure you are a candidate for a dental implant bridge.

When looking at a bridge vs partial there is no contest.  The implant-supported bridge feels like natural teeth and the partial denture is bulky and must be removed every night.  If you want your teeth permanent teeth replacement then the implant retained bridge is your best and only option.


All Your Teethfull mouth dental implants


When missing all your teeth or if you have failing teeth then a full mouth dental implant restoration is always the top of the line treatment.


If you need all your teeth replaced then do not go to clear choice implant centers.  They are only a full mouth dental implant center and are not interested in replacing just one or two teeth.  If you believe that you are a full mouth implant candidate then be sure to get several opinions from an experienced hybridge dentist.  We have had many patients visit clear choice and come to find out that they could save most of their teeth with basic dental work.  So for any questions about dental implants near me, visit Rockville Dental Arts first.


Learn How Dental Implants Work


Dental Implant vs Root Canaldental implant vs root canal


Wondering if root canal vs implant is best for your tooth?  Well truth is that dental implants have a longer success rate.  Root canal teeth can have many potential pitfalls including reinfection, cracking and tooth breakage.  With dental implants there is never a need to worry about infection, breakage or needing another root canal.



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Types of Dental ImplantsZirconia Dental Implants


Dental implants come in many different sizes and types.  The three types of dental implants are titanium, zirconia and mini dental implants.  At Rockville Dental Arts we use mostly titanium implants because they have 50 years of success and have become one of the most successful medical devices in all of medicine with a long-term success rate between 94-97%.

Zirconia dental implants on the other hand have only been available for a few years and do not have the long term success.  Though made of a ceramic material Zirconia, otherwise known as Zirconium dioxide, is a ceramic consisting of the elements Zirconium and Oxygen, which is 1 part Zirconium and 2 parts Oxygen. Allergies to titanium are extremely rare but do occur.  In these cases Zirconia Implants can be used, however the long term success is questionable given their potential complications.

Mini dental implants may be the cheapest dental implants but they are too thin and can break under large biting forces.  Then you need to have your mini dental implant removed and start all over.

So what are the best dental implants?  Titanium ones of course!  Don’t you want your implant to last forever?



The Procedure


Our dental implant procedure is easy and painless.  Performed daily at Rockville Dental Arts, dental implants are done under local anesthesia and most patients report after that they feel like they had a filling done.  How long does a dental implant take?  Most single implants are completed in just 20 minutes and, best yet, you can return to your normal daily duties or return to work immediately.  How long do dental take to heal?  Anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the individual and their health history.  Keep reading to learn the cost of dental implants.

Dr. Norkiewicz is considered one of the best implant dentist around.  He is known for his caring bedside manner, his attention to detail and his painless implant crowns


Once you’ve determined that implants are right for you, your dentist removes the damaged tooth if it is still in your mouth. Your bone and jaw are prepared for the implant, which may include bone grafting. Once your jaw is prepared, the implant is placed in your jaw.  Most implants are placed in the socket of the removed tooth requiring less surgery and quicker recovery time.


You then will go home to begin the healing process, which can take a few weeks to a few months depending on your overall health. Once healed, you will return to the dentist to have the impression of the implant; this is what will go to the lab to get the crown fabricated. Sometimes, this can be done at the same time the implant is placed.

When the implant crowns are ready, your dentist attaches them to your implant, making sure they fit properly and making adjustments as necessary.  Within a short 20 minutes you can begin using your new teeth! 


Do Dental Implants Last Forever?


How long do dental implants lastHow long do dental implants last you wonder?  Well they are pretty indestructible.  If performed by a qualified implant dentist your dental implants can last forever.  They do need proper maintenance of brushing, flossing and regular dental check ups.  Some patients are not good candidates for dental implants and therefore we recommend alternatives to dental implants like bridges and dentures.

For dental implants in Maryland there is only one choice – Rockville Dental Arts.  Read our dental implants blog.



How Much are Dental ImplantsDental implant cost near me


If you are curious to know how much do dental implants cost you are not alone.  Many patients shy away from the dentist because they do not want to be shocked by the cost.  Obviously it is hard to give anyone a price without seeing their mouth and developing a customized treatment plan because every patient is going to be different.

What I can tell you is that a dental implant cost is about $3,000- $5,000 total per tooth.  Remember a tooth is actually a body part that was lost and should ultimately be replaced.  If you lost your finger would you pay a few thousand dollars to have it replaced?  The cost of implants seems high, but this is service that will last you possibly forever.

Visit our tooth implant cost page to read more about how much are dental implants and see if you could be a good candidate.

Wondering does Medicare cover dental implants?   Unfortunately Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover dental implants nor does it cover any dental care.   Some Medicare Advantage plans do have dental coverage though.


Why are Dental Implants So Expensive?


For a few reasons. why are dental implants so expensive

First is the training needed to properly place and restore implants.  Dentists, like Dr. Norkiewicz, spend countless hours of continuing education and out of state courses to be able to provide the best implant dentistry.  When implanting a body part one cannot take this service lightly as there are many vital structures in the mouth that must be accounted for.

Secondly, is the cost of the parts.  As you may know from earlier in this article, there are three parts to a tooth implant.  The implant fixture, the abutment and the crown.  The cost for these parts are high.




What Are the Benefits of Replacing Teeth?


Different from traditional dentures or bridges, implants provide many benefits to those that get them, including:

  • They are stronger than dentures or bridges, meaning a more permanent solution to tooth loss.snap in dentures
  • Reducing bone loss due to proper bite alignment and maintenance of your jaw’s integrity.
  • They look more natural.
  • You care for them the same as you do natural teeth.
  • Replace as few or as many teeth as you want.
  • Easier adjustment for eating and talking.
  • Implants are stronger than natural teeth
  • Less likely to feel uncomfortable or loose than dentures and bridges.


Here are more benefits to having dental implants



All on Four Dental Implants aka Clear Choice


all on 4 dental implants
All on 4 Dental Implants

If you are interested in having all of your teeth replaced with dental implants, then you need to consider All on 4 dental implants, also known as clear choice implants.  First, stop searching for clear choice implants and clear choice cost and visit us for your best tooth replacement options with teeth implants.  You need to consult with your All on 4 dentist in Rockville MD to make sure you are a candidate for dental implants.  You may want to consult with clearchoice dental implant centers, but you will clearly find that a personalized office is better than a national chain.




This process likely requires X-rays and possibly some other diagnostic testing, such as a CBCT (3D scan of your jaws), to determine whether you and your mouth are healthy enough for the full dental implants.  With the 3D scan we can properly and exactly plan the implant placement to take any guesswork out of the surgery.




What Can I Expect after Getting Dental Implants?


As with any oral surgery, you can expect some minor discomfort and side effects of dental implants, including:side effects of dental implants

    • Minor swelling of the gums and face
    • Minimal Pain
    • Possible bruising of the skin and gums
    • Minor bleeding
    • Difficulty chewing and eating


What to eat after dental implant surgery?  For a few days following each step of the process, you may be directed to eat a soft food diet and to manage pain with over-the-counter pain relievers and warm compresses. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to prevent and infection during the healing phase.  When an experienced surgeon performs your case there will be minimal side effects from dental implants for you.   Most of our patients report soreness for one day that is relieved with Advil.

If your pain is unmanageable with over-the-counter medications, you have any bleeding, or you have difficulty opening and closing your mouth, call your dentist right away.

Are dental implants painful?  The answer is no.  Dental implant surgery is very routine today.  It’s like having a mole removed at a doctors office.  We ensure you are completely anesthetized with Novocain, just like for a filling or a crown.  We use the same drill with water irrigation.  The patient will feel like they are having a filling done.  The procedure takes just 10 minutes.  There will be a few side effects from dental implants as stated above, but most patients will be sore for a day or two in the area.  So, how painful are dental implants?  You should experience no tooth implant pain.  The answer is no to- do dental implants hurt?

If you do have dental implant pain after 5 days then you should return to the dental office that did your implant.  You may have an infection or worse yet have a failed dental implant.



Dental Implant Paindental implant pain


If you are experiencing dental implant pain within weeks or months after implant surgery then something is surely wrong.  Be sure to return to the implant specialist that placed your implant and have them take a really close look at it.  In my experience if there is pain after dental implants then usually there is a failing dental implant.  You should not have pain after dental implant surgery.  Dental implant procedure pain should be minimal for a few days after the surgery.  Take your antibiotics as recommended and any pain medication as needed.

If you have dental implant pain years later then you should definitely get it checked out by an implant specialist.  Tooth implant pain is not a good sign but if managed immediately it could minimize the damage.  An infected dental implant will usually elicit pain and swelling in the area.

Some dental implants infection symptoms include swelling around the implant, tooth implant pain, redness around the implant, facial swelling, a loose dental implant, and obviously pus draining from the gums.  Get to an implant dentist right away if you think you have a dental implants infection.



Dental Implant Maintenance


dental implants before and after

Cleaning dental implants is not much different than your natural teeth.  Dental implants are fitted and behave just as your real teeth do. The dental implants crowns are designed to be exceptionally stable and durable, meaning you generally can use them as you would your natural teeth.

Some things you can do to keep your dental implants crown in the best condition possible include:

    • Practice good oral hygiene: Brush, floss, and use mouthwash as directed by your dentist. Special brushes, such as interdental brushes that slide between teeth, can help you clean around your implants properly so no food or debris gets stuck.
    • Visit your dentist: One of the keys to making sure your implants are in great condition is getting them examined routinely by your dentist. Get regular cleanings and exams at your dentist at least twice per year.
  • Avoid damaging habits: Don’t bite or chew things that can break your implants and your natural teeth, such as ice or hard candies. Avoid tobacco products, sodas, coffee, and tea which can stain your teeth.  You don’t want dental implant problems!
  • Get a Dental Night Guard:  The guard will help protect against grinding forces that can damage the natural teeth and implant teeth.




Compassionate Dental Implants for Seniors in Rockville, MD, & Beyond


For more than 25 years, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and his team have provided excellent care for dental implants for seniors, dental emergencies, and more to residents of the Rockville, Maryland, and beyond. Going to the local dentist doesn’t have to be stressful nor does getting a dental implant!  Go to the best dental implants specialist in Maryland!


Just read our local dentist reviews near me here!rockville dentist reviews


At Rockville Dental Arts, we offer pain-free dentistry and cosmetic dental implants in a comfortable, caring environment. We want to make sure your smile shines just as much as your personality, and we work hard to care for your teeth! Schedule your appointment today for dental implants Rockville MD!



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Learn more about implant dentistry or mini implants and the healing process of implants by reading our implant blog.


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Well, it's been about 4 years since I had my tooth implant with Dr. Norkiewicz. The tooth in the front center top of my mouth was damaged in an accident and Dr. Norkiewicz and his staff were awesome about the whole process of getting everything corrected; ensuring that I have great experience throughout the whole tooth implant process. Dr. Norkiewicz ensured that the color of my tooth implant and all other aspects were perfect, so that if you look at me today, you will never know that I had a tooth implant. I am so pleased. April has been awesome all the years that I have been a parient of Dr. Norkiewicz. I cannot say enough about the level of service and how they made me feel so great and never a problem with my implant. I'm still so happy 4 years later. I went today for my regular cleaning appointment today and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell about my tooth implant experience as well. I highly recommend Rockville Dental Arts from regular care to specialty care. ! Great Service and Follow strict Covid Guidelines to keep us patients safe. Thank you Rockville Dental Arts!