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Sedation Dentistry FAQs

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sedation dentistry FAQsSedation Dentistry FAQs

Did you know that dental anxiety, or even a fear of the dentist, is a very common affliction that adults in America share? So many adults are not able to get the right oral health care because of this anxiety, and that can cause problems for their overall health in the future. We want all our dental patients in Rockville to feel comfortable coming to us, so we offer sedation dentistry. Read on to learn more from our sedation dentistry FAQs.

  1. Who is sedation dentistry for?

Sedation dentistry is designed for adults who have a fear of the dentist or dental anxiety. Have you:

  • Had a bad experience with a dentist in the past?
  • Had trouble with anesthesia or a strong gag reflex?
  • Had a fear of needles?
  • Felt shame regarding the state of your teeth?

We can offer you sedation dentistry so that you do not suffer from any of these.

  1. What kind of sedation is it?

There are several types of sedation dentistry, but you are probably familiar with these two. The first is an oral pill called Triazolam, which is related to Valium, and can be administered to you before your dental appointment. Take it an hour before your visit, and by the time you arrive, you will already feel comfortably relaxed. Laughing gas is the other type of sedation dentistry used in Rockville, and it is administered when you are in your appointment. It works nearly instantly.

  1. What happens when I am sedated?

It is understandable that you may feel uncomfortable being sedated in a place that already gives you anxiety. After you are sedated, you will remain awake and alert, just in a relaxed state. Most patients tell us they do not remember any pain or even what we really did to their teeth.

After your treatment, it is best that someone drive you home. We will monitor your health during the treatment to be sure you are not reacting poorly to the sedation.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Rockville

You do not have to suffer though dental anxiety to protect your health. If our sedation dentistry FAQs didn’t answer all your questions, call our Rockville Dental Arts at 301-340-7719, or contact us online.

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