Dental Crowns

Dental Crown problemsIf you have a broken tooth or one that requires a deep or large filling, then our dentists at Rockville Dental Arts may recommend dental crowns.

This procedure is designed specifically to ensure the tooth’s integrity is maintained so that removal of the damaged tooth is not required. There are quite a few reasons why your dentist may recommend a crown:


  • If you have a tooth that has been weakened due to decay or breaks or cracks, then a crown can protect it.
  • If you have a tooth that is severely worn down or broken badly, then a crown will restore it.
  • A tooth that has very little surface remaining or underwent a large feeling can be supported with a crown.
  • If a dental bridge is needed, then dental crowns can be used to support it.
  • A tooth that has become misshapen or discolored to a severe degree can be covered with a dental crown.
  • A tooth that has been treated with a root canal can be protected by a porcelain crown.
  • Finally, a dental implant will be finished with a crown.



What is the Difference Between a Cap vs Crown?

Because the dental crown, also known as a cap, is so versatile and is used in so many different situations, it is a regular procedure to provide protection, to strengthen teeth, and to ensure bite is maintained for better dental health.   

A cap vs crown is basically the same thing.  It is restorative material to rebuild the size and shape of your original tooth to restore it’s perfect shape and color.

Dental caps are a two visit procedure at our dental office.

You should never have tooth pain after crown work.  Read below if you do…



Materials Used


A dental crown can be made from a variety of materials. You will need to discuss your options with your dentist in order to determine what of the following would be the best type of crown for  you:


  • The newest material is Zirconia.  The crown is 95% zirconium dioxide with 5% porcelain layered
  • Metals including gold crowns, nickel, palladium, and chromium.
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns – to maintain natural tooth color with the strength of the metal itself.
  • All-resin, which is affordable, but tends to wear down quicker than other options.
  • All-ceramic, which will provide the most natural look and is an ideal option for anyone with metal allergies.


Again, this is something you will need to discuss with your dentist to determine what will be your best option based on needs as well as preference.



How Does a Crown Happen


tooth pain after crownAfter you have seen our dentist for a consultation in our Rockville Maryland dental office, then you will need two visits for your dental crown.




An exam will be done and x-rays taken to ensure there is no risk of infection and the crown procedure can be successfully performed.

Any other treatments such as root canals will need to be done in advance.


Tooth Preparation


The first visit will be to prepare the tooth.  The tooth in questioned will be numbed, the same way it is numbed for fillings, to ensure the nerve is deadened to prevent any feeling in the tooth. 

The tooth will need to be filed down both on the top and sides by about 1-2 mm to ensure there is adequate room for the new crown.

Our dentists are masters at their craft and can completely ensure that your tooth receives the proper reduction and no more. 

An accurate impression will be made of the tooth stump to send to our laboratory and a plastic temporary crown tooth will be glued to the tooth to cover the tooth for two weeks.

You should have no pain after this procedure except for some soreness around the tooth for 24 hours.


Crown Deliverycap vs crown


Here at Rockville Dental Arts, we send our crowns to a local dental lab to ensure they are shaped and prepared properly.  It is there that your new crown is made. 

At this visit your dentist removes the temporary crown and tries in the permanent one to ensure a precise fit.  Then, cement will be used to put your permanent crown in place.


What About an Implant Crown?

If you are having a dental implant crown the procedure can be a bit different.  There are two types of dental implant crowns.

The first is a screwed in tooth.  The dentist will remove the healing cap and screw in the new dental implant crown.  The screw will need to be torqued into place and then the hole is filled with filling material just like when we fix a tooth.

The second type of dental implant crown, and probably the most common, is a cemented one.  In this case the dentist will remove the healing cap and screw in the abutment.  It will be torqued to place.  Then the new crown is cemented on the abutment using dental crown glue just like a crown to a tooth.


Crown Longevity


Your dental crown can last between ten and thirty years. 

It depends on the material used, how well you take care of your teeth and how much you avoid grinding your teeth, chewing ice, or using your teeth for other purposes that may damage them.


Tooth Pain After Crown


If you are experiencing tooth pain after crown work then most likely the crown is too high and does not fit back into your bite.

This is the most common cause for tooth pain after crown work.  You should return to the dentist that placed the crown and have them adjust the crown using the carbon paper to relieve your tooth crown pain.

If after one or more adjustments your tooth pain continues then maybe you should have another dentist look at it to make sure the crown fits well and was made well.

Occasionally, there will be tooth pain after crown work because the tooth nerve is infected or inflamed.  The tooth may need a root canal.


Other Dental Crown Problems


For dental crown problems it is best to revisit the dentist that placed the crown.  There are some problems that can occur with dental crowns especially immediately after having the crown installed.

The first most common problem is a high bite.

This typically occurs on the back molars, but can happen anywhere in the mouth.

Basically when you close your mouth the new crown tooth is hitting first and you are squeezing down on that tooth causing pain.  The crown needs to be adjusted into your normal bite otherwise it will keep hurting and could cause further problems.

The other most common dental crown problem is bad dental crown glue.

If the crown is not cemented perfectly then there could be a gap where food and water can get under the crown.

You will usually experience hot and cold sensitivity and sometimes it will even hurt when chewing because the dental crown glue has not completely sealed the gap.  Again you should return to the dentist that placed the crown to have it evaluated.

If you have a loose dental implant crown, read our blog post to see what you should do.



Do I get a Crown, Bridge, or Implant?Dental Bridge


When deciding to get a crown, bridge or implant you need to look to your dentist for guidance.  Usually the decision is very simple.

For a crown versus implant the decision is simple.

Is the tooth healthy enough to save or is it best to start fresh with a dental implant.

Crowns can last 20 or more years when made on healthy and strong teeth.  If the tooth is questionable then it’s best to opt towards a dental implant.  Imagine you have tons of work to save a questionable tooth and 2 or 3 years later the tooth falls apart.  Then you back to square one and getting the dental implant.

So the best question to ask in implant vs crown is – Is the tooth healthy enough for a crown?  In crown vs implant the decision is usually very simple and the question you should ask is how long will the crown last?

If you still aren’t sure about dental implant versus crown then a second opinion might be the best choice before you sink thousands of dollars into trying to save a tooth that may fall apart in a few years.  Remember dental implants should last forever and do not break, do not get cavities and never need root canals.

The same scenario can be applied for dental implant vs root canal.  The tooth needs a healthy foundation to hold a crown on otherwise your worse nightmare could happen.  The tooth could break and you will lose everything.

For information on dental implants versus bridges you should read more about dental implants to help understand the benefits.



Contact Rockville Dental Arts For any Dental Crown or Dental Bridge

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We are waiting to discuss your restorative dentistry options. Experience the many benefits of dental crowns.  Visit us for crown services near me.


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