Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?


candidate for dental implants


Do you remember your grandparents having dentures that looked fake and a little frightening? Luckily, modern dentistry has changed a lot since then.

If you are missing one or more teeth, you can now choose a restorative dentistry procedure called implant dentistry.  Implants work like a permanent teeth that never leave your mouth, and can be perfect for replacing a tooth or two or all your teeth.

There are also many alternatives to dental implants.  We will also review the difference of bridge vs implant.

Learn about if you are a candidate for dental implants here and how much do dental implants cost?




Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants?


Do you want to meet with an implant dentist in Rockville Maryland?  Here is the truth about dental implants:


Your Teeth and Gums are Healthy


Our typical dental implant candidate has pretty healthy gums and teeth and goes to the dentist regularly.  They are usually missing one to three teeth due to decay or gum disease.  Patients with severe periodontitis are still good candidates for dental implants, however the remaining teeth need to be cleaned thoroughly by our hygienist and need to be fixed from all cavities.

Some times patients with severe bone loss are not good candidates because too much bone has been lost.  That’s when we recommend snap on dentures.



Plenty of Bone Density


all on 4 dental implants cost

Dental implants work exceptionally well when placed in 360 degrees of bone.  The titanium integrates to the bones, not the soft tissue.  Therefore, the site needs plenty of bone in height and in width.  Of course if the bone is deficient then new bone graft can be added.

Dental Implant X ray

In our practice we start with a dental implants x ray to ensure you have adequate bone.  We sometimes take a panoramic xray and possibly even a CBCT which shows your jaws in 3 dimensions.  Dental implants with bone loss will not work properly.  Bone grafting needs to be performed first before getting successful dental implants.  If there is not enough bone for dental implant be sure to see a dentist that can also do bone grafting for you, like Dr. Norkiewicz.

Can you get dental implants if you have bone loss?  Yes, but most of the time bone grafting is a separate procedure.

Be careful having an inexperienced dentist remove a tooth if you want a dental implant.  Teeth that are removed in preparation for implants need to be carefully removed as to not destroy the surrounding bone.  Most of the time a dental implant can be placed at the same time the tooth is extracted.  If you are unsure whether or not you even want a dental implant then you should consider all your options.  When properly educated most patients choose the implant.

Bone Loss

If you have a dental implant with bone loss visit a dentist that can repair your bone loss first.



Great Oral Hygiene Habits


With good oral hygiene your dental implants can last the rest of your life.  Implanted teeth still need to be cleaned properly daily and routinely every 6 months by a trained professional.  If you slack on the cleaning then the implant can develop bacteria just like a tooth and begin to lose bone.  When bone loss occurs then it can lead to loss of the implant.

Implant teeth can also have other problems.  The crowns can become loose over time and need to either be re-cemented or tightened down.  If you have a loose implant crown then let the dentists in Rockville MD help you.



No Untreated Diabetes or Autoimmune Disorders


Patients who have uncontrolled diabetes or certain autoimmune diseases may not be suitable candidates for dental implants as the success rate is significantly reduced. These patients may experience slower healing, increasing the risk of the implant not properly adhering to the bone.

Although we have successfully placed hundreds of titanium dental implants in diabetic patients, we typically wait at least 6 months for adequate healing. It is important to note that controlled diabetes is preferable to uncontrolled diabetes. Ideally, the A1C level should be under 6.5 for successful implant therapy. Patients with an A1C level over 7.0 are not considered good candidates for dental implants. It is recommended to focus on achieving proper blood sugar control through diet and exercise prior to seeking implant therapy.



Not a Heavy Smoker


Smoking heavily can adversely affect the success rate of dental implants. Conversely, light smokers, who smoke less than a pack a day, can still be considered for dental implants. However, heavy smokers usually experience delayed healing and are not ideal candidates for dental implants. If you smoke more than a pack a day, you may have to consider alternatives such as dentures until you can quit smoking altogether.

It is recommended that you wait at least a day after tooth extraction before smoking. Smoking can cause two problems in the mouth: firstly, it creates a suction force that can dislodge the blood clot, which can lead to dry socket; secondly, it reduces blood flow in the mouth, which can hinder the healing process. It is advisable to refrain from smoking for at least a day after the extraction.



Commit to a 4 Month Process


Once a dental implant is placed it needs 2-3 months to heal properly.  We cannot attach a tooth to it for several months.  We can make temporary teeth in the meantime and you can wear them while you are healing from the implant procedure.  Most back teeth do not need temporaries, but when patients lose a front tooth they typically want a temporary.  We offer several types of temporary dental crown solutions that look good, feel good and chew well.

Our implant teeth are the best cosmetic dental implants have to offer.  We use only the highest quality materials available to be sure you never have any dental implant problems.  Rest assured for those that do have dental implant problems from implants placed elsewhere we are fully trained to deal with them.  Maybe you have a loose dental implant crown or maybe your implant crown broke.  Call us for a permanent dental implant solution.



Never Taken Bisphosphonates


Patients who are or who have taken bisphosphonate drugs will need to consult with their physician prior to getting titanium dental implants.  Some patients undergoing treatment for cancer such as radiation or chemo therapy will also need to consult with their oncologist before beginning.



If you meet these criteria, you could be an excellent candidate for dental implants Maryland.

2 dental implantsfront dental implant bridge


Who is not a candidate for dental implants?


Patients who have uncontrolled diabetes, some autoimmune diseases, heavy smokers (smoking more than a pack a day), and individuals with insufficient jawbone density or gum tissue are not ideal candidates for dental implants.

Additionally, those who are pregnant, undergoing radiation therapy, or have certain medical conditions such as hemophilia or leukemia may not be good candidates for dental implants. It’s important to consult with a qualified dental professional to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment.



Dental Implants for the Hispanic Community


For our Hispanic community we provide dental implants in Rockville Maryland.  With several Spanish speaking assistant’s on staff all the time we can help you will your permanent tooth replacement with implantes dentales.



Who is Best Qualified to do Dental Implantsbest implant dentist


The best-qualified professionals to perform dental implant procedures are oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, and prosthodontists. These specialists have received advanced training and education in implant dentistry, and they have the necessary skills and experience to perform the procedure safely and effectively. It’s important to choose a qualified and experienced dental professional to ensure the best possible outcome for your dental implant procedure.

You do not want to trust any regular dentist to do your dental implant case.  Make sure you go to an experienced dental implants specialist that has at least five years of experience with implants and dental implant problems.  The best place to get dental implants is with a specialized dental implant practice that does them all the time.

Can general dentist do implants?  Absolutely, if they have the proper training like Dr. Norkiewicz.  In fact they are the best ones to do implants because they know where the teeth should go.  Dental implants should always be placed in the exact position under where the tooth needs to be.  So if you are looking for the best implant dentist who does dental implants near me then look no further.



How Much do Dental Implants Cost


full mouth dental implants price

If you are like most people who are missing teeth, you are probably wondering how much do dental implants cost.  The answer is it depends.

Obviously every patient is different and every mouth is different.  Without seeing your teeth, gums, bone structure and mouth it’s impossible to tell you how much dental implants cost.

However, what we can tell you it that to replace one tooth with a dental implant could be between $3,000 – $5,000.  Luckily with dental insurance up to 50% or more can be paid by your insurance company.


Insurance for Implants


Ask us about dental insurance that covers dental implants and dentures.  Our staff is well versed in dealing directly with dental insurance.  For those wondering what insurance covers dental implants call us and we can help guide you.  Many of our patients also do not have dental insurance so we can help you find out how to pay for dental implants without insurance.

Dental implant placement involves a multitude of steps.  Number one is the tooth missing already or does it need to be extracted?  Make sure a qualified implant dentist removes your teeth if you are interested in getting dental implants.  Most of the time the implant can be placed at the same time the tooth is removed saving you a surgery, time off work and added expenses.  There are corresponding fees for tooth removal, bone grafting, as well as, your new dental implant.

What about the full mouth dental implants price?  For full mouth dental implants our cases start at $15,000.  There are a few options when it comes to replacing all your teeth with dental implants so you may want to come in for a consultation and our doctors can review all your options with you.


Why do dental implants cost so much?


There are several reasons why dental implants can be expensive. First, the materials used for dental implants, such as titanium or zirconia, are high-quality and costly. Second, the procedure for placing dental implants involves multiple appointments, including the surgical placement of the implant, the attachment of the abutment and the crown, and follow-up appointments for monitoring and adjustments. This requires significant time, skill, and training on the part of the dentist and the dental team.

Third, dental implant surgery requires specialized equipment, such as 3D imaging and surgical guides, which can add to the overall cost of the procedure. Finally, dental implants are often not covered by insurance, making the cost solely the responsibility of the patient. Despite the cost, many people find dental implants to be a worthwhile investment in their oral health and overall quality of life.

Also because placing implants in a mouth properly is a unique skill that requires years of training.  Training that only a select few dentists have the capacity to entertain.  Additionally the cost of purchasing the required parts and fabricating the teeth is also very expensive.  The end result is you get teeth that are built to last and stand the test of time.


Missing Teeth?


For those missing all their teeth they should consider clear choice dental implants or the All on 4.  Visit our full mouth implant page to learn about that procedure and the all on 4 implant cost.

Looking for alternatives to dental implants?  Consider dental bridges or dentures.  At Rockville Dental Arts we provide the best dental care around and will review all alternatives to dental implants with you.

There are many pros and cons to dental implants.  In our dental implant page we review with you all the pros and cons to dental implants and what you can expect after surgery.


How long do Dental Implants Last?


Dental implant teeth are made of titanium metal, zirconcia and porcelain.  They are artificial materials that are mostly indestructible.  Therefore, in the mouth if well cared for they should last you forever.  They do not get cavities, they never need root canals and they should never break.  They do need proper teeth cleaning daily with a toothbrush and deep cleaning every 6 months by a trained dental hygienist to stay healthy.

So if you are wondering how long do implants last, the answer may surprise you that they can last forever.



Tooth Resorption


Tooth resorption is an uncommon process that is not widely known but in essence the body starts eating away at the tooth.  Typically it happens inside the tooth or on the root surface.  It cannot be decay because it happens in areas not exposed to the oral environment and bacteria.

Tooth resorption will continue eating a hole in your tooth until the tooth breaks or it hurts.  Typically the best and only treatment for tooth resorption is tooth removal.  Usually a dental implant can be placed at the same time the tooth is removed, even in tooth resorption cases.



Learn More from Your Implant Dentist in Rockville


If you want to learn more about dental implants for seniors, or find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, contact Rockville Dental Arts today.

We can be reached on our contact page, or call our office at 301-424-2030.

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Tony Malveaux (Mal)
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