5 Benefits To Having Dental Implants

5 Benefits To Having Dental Implants

The Best Tooth Replacement Option Available


In this time and age, there are outstanding improvements in dental care but surprisingly, most people suffer tooth loss probably as a result of periodontal disease, tooth decay, or injury. If you have a damaged or missing teeth, you are not alone and according to a recent study, 69% of adults between the ages of 35 to 44 years have lost one or more of their permanent teeth.  25% of the population is missing an entire arch or all of their teeth.

Luckily enough, there are many tooth replacement options available with the dental implant being the best. If you’d want to replace your teeth, here are 5 benefits to having dental implants that you should know.


1. Improved appearance

When you lose one or more of your permanent teeth, chances are that you feel inferior and shy to speak and laugh freely. Luckily, you can have dental implants that feel and look like your own teeth. They give you the most natural looking replacement for the teeth you’ve lost and can match the color of your permanent teeth. They don’t have the metal hooks used to keep dentures in place and they restore full chewing power to ensure that you chew anything just like people whose permanent teeth are intact.


Fixed Hybrid Denture
fixed dentures

If you are missing all your teeth then you should consider a fixed hybrid denture.  Fixed dentures are permanently attached to either 4 or 6 dental implants.  We always prefer to do all on 6 dental implants instead of all on 4 because of its increased strength.  Additionally with 6 implants you have added insurance if one goes bad.  A fixed hybrid denture is considered the top of the line in dentures vs implants but if you can afford them you should never have to worry about your teeth again.



2. Convenience and improved speech


With poor-fitting dentures, many patients complain that the teeth can slip in the mouth when they least expect which could lead to issues especially when eating certain foods as well as slurred word. Fortunately, with a dental implant, you have nothing to do with removing teeth, limiting food choices and most importantly, no slurry speech and you can speak confidently without worrying that the teeth may slip.

A fixed hybrid denture only replaces the lost hard and soft tissues in your mouth.  There is no excess gum like with a denture.  Our hybrid implant denture usually only replaces the white teeth and has no pink gum on it at all.  They are very comfortable for speaking, eating and smiling!


3. Prevents bone loss

fixed hybrid denture

When you lose your teeth, the jaw bone in the empty space lacks stimulation and tends to deteriorate. If there’s no implant in the first year of tooth loss, the bone area loses as much as 25% of its volume which increases with time. Dentures may not be an effective option as they increase bone loss due to the fact that they become loose and rub against the bony ridge and wear it away slowly. The good news is that dental implants replace the root and the tooth which restores normal chewing to provide the required stimulation and this prevents bone loss.



4. Durability

dental implants
Dental implants provide stability and strength over a long time because they are fused with a person’s existing bone structure. With good care, dental implants will last for a lifetime while performing and feeling like natural healthy teeth and this improves your confidence and gives value for your money.

Our fixed hybrid denture is made from a super strong material known as Zirconia.  It’s as strong as metal but has no silver color to it.  So you get a beautiful hybrid denture that looks extremely natural.


5. It’s healthy


Unlike tooth supported bridge, a dental implant is healthy as it doesn’t require the dentist to reduce other teeth in order to support the implant. This means that more of your teeth are left intact and in good shape leading to an improved long-term oral health. In addition, just like natural teeth, dental implants are easy to clean and make overall oral hygiene easier.


Implants and Dentures


If you are considering implants and dentures, then surf around our website.  We have loads of information here.  Also, we offer consultations for new patients if you are unsure what you think might be best for you.   Do you want removable dentures or non removable dentures?  What do the non removable dentures cost?  Do I have enough bone for a hybrid implant denture?  These are all great questions that can really only be answered if we see your mouth.


Contact our dental office in Rockville Maryland if you want to know if you are a candidate for dental implants.  301-424-2030


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