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Dental Implants Procedure

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The Dental Implants Procedure in Rockville, MD


The dental implants procedure is a process that involves minimal pain and sizable recovery time. The following is a guide that will go step by step through the stages:

Dental implant next to two other teeth


1. Complete Dental Exam


No one likes to visit the dentist, even for routine appointments. But the first step for receiving implants involves the basic dental check up and initial consultation.  This will include X-rays and full examination by the dentist to evaluate the quality and quantity of bone available.  Sometimes, the dentist will need to make models of the natural teeth and the mouth.  Call us today at 301-424-2030.



2. Tailoring a Treatment Plan


This step is relatively simple. However, during this time, the exact placement of the dental implants is determined and a timeline is set in place. The dentist has to take into account the condition of the jawbone, since the bones around the implants need to heal.  Also, the time factor will vary depending on if you have specific medical conditions that delay healing such as Diabetes.  Since this is considered a minor surgery, the dentist might also prescribe antibiotics in preparation.



3. Removing the Damaged Teeth


On the day of surgery the bad teeth and tooth roots are removed first and foremost.  Oftentimes, dental implants can be placed into the socket of the removed tooth, however sometimes some bone grafting might need to happen at this point to prepare for the implant surgery at a later date.  If the implant is placed at the time of the extraction then bone particles are needed to fill in the void of the socket.  After either procedure we typically wait 3 months for new bone formation and integration of the dental implant.  During this procedure, you may opt for oral sedation to relieve the anxiety about the procedure.



4. Implanting the Metal Post


dental implants procedure

After the jaw heals from the removal of the teeth, then this major step in the dental implants procedure can begin. You will have the same options as above for pain management. The healing process after this part of the surgery will take as little as 2 months.


5. Putting in the Abutment and the Tooth


This is an extension of the titanium dental implant.  Since the dental implant is underneath the gums, a metal post needs to extrude from the top of the implant thru the gum tissue and into the mouth.  These parts are screwed into the implant fixture.  They can also be removed and replaced at any time without the need for local anesthesia or numbing.  After impressions of your teeth are made, the final abutment is attached or post can be torqued into place and the permanent crown can be inserted onto it.  The tooth or teeth are ready to use within minutes and no pain is experienced with this process.



If you want additional information or have questions about the dental implants procedure then contact us and we can provide you with a free consultation.  Or call us at 301-424-2030.




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dental implants procedure



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