Dental Implant Procedure

dental implant procedure

Are you looking to get a tooth replaced with a dental implant?  Need to know about the dental implant procedure?

Maybe looking for full mouth dental implants?  Or all of your teeth are bad or already gone?

Well the dental implant procedure has revolutionized dentistry so patients do not need to wear bulky dentures anymore.  Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that look, chew and feel like real teeth.


Learn About the Tooth Implant Process


The dental implants procedure is a process that involves minimal pain and minimal recovery time.  For those who are missing teeth or have a bad tooth that needs to be removed dental implants are the easy answer to basic tooth replacement.

90% of our patients choose to replace their missing teeth with implants and we perform dental implant surgery in our office every day Monday thru Friday.  Our patients typically go back to work immediately after having one or two implants placed.

Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth or all the teeth are bad, Dr. Norkiewicz, a premier implant specialist, can perform any extraction and implant as many dental fixtures as needed.  All at the same time with long term success of 99%.

Wouldn’t it be better to undergo one procedure instead of several?


The following is a guide that will go step by step through the stages of our tooth implant process.



Dental Implant Procedure Steps

Dental Implant Procedure Timeline


1. Complete Dental Implant Exam


The first step for receiving dental implants involves the basic dental check up, oral health screening and initial consultation with Dr Norkiewicz.

This will include a specific dental implant X ray, possibly a CBCT (a 3D image of your bone), and full examination by the dentist or oral surgeon to evaluate the quality and quantity of bone available.


Dental CBCT – A 3D xrayct scan for dental implants

If the case involves multiple teeth, like implant bridges, implant dentures or whole mouth of dental implants, then we will also take a 3D scan of the jaws via a specialized dental CBCT to view the amount of bone available. Sometimes, the dentist will need to make models of the natural teeth and the mouth.

When you meet Dr. Norkiewicz you will be impressed by his bed side manner and his knowledge and experience with implants.  He has placed over 5000 implants, has a 99% success rate and has over 20 years of experience.

That is why this is the best place for dental implants.  Additionally you will not need to bounce around from office to office to have the same implant worked on.  We do it all in one office.  If you are looking for a local dental implant specialist near Rockville and Gaithersburg Maryland, then you found the right implant dentist near me.

For those patients who have been to Clear Choice for an evaluation we highly recommend getting a second and third opinion from another office.  We offer free consultations for patients looking to get the All on 4 implant procedure.


Questions you should ask your dentist before getting dental implants…clear choice cost

  • How many implants have you placed?
  • Do they do full mouth dental implants?
  • What is your success rate?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • Will I need bone grafting?
  • Will there be any nerve damage?
  • How long will it take to heal?
  • When will I get my tooth?
  • Will the result be acceptable?
  • What are the alternatives to dental implants?
  • What do they cost?
  • How do implants work?



2. Tailoring a Treatment Plan and Schedulingdental implant steps


This step is relatively simple. However, during this time of the dental implant procedure, the exact placement of the implants is determined and a timeline is set in place.  Our office manager will review the dental implant cost associated with your implant treatment and go over your insurance benefits as most dental insurance helps pay for dental implants.

You will be scheduled for your implant surgery within 1-2 weeks.  If a temporary tooth is needed then impressions will be taken of your teeth in advance to have the temporary ready for you the day of surgery.  In the case of implant dentures it may be necessary to see you two or three times to prepare the temporary dentures as there are multiple steps to fabricate them.

The dentist has to take into account the condition of the jawbone, since the bones around the implants need to heal.  Also, the time factor will vary depending on if you have specific medical conditions that delay healing such as Diabetes.  Since this is considered a minor surgery, the dentist might also prescribe antibiotics in preparation.

Even patients with periodontal disease are great candidates for implants.  There is usually ample bone to support the implant.



3. Implant Surgerybest place for Dental implants


On the day of surgery the bad teeth and tooth roots are removed first and foremost if needed.  Oftentimes, dental implants are surgically placed into the socket of the removed tooth, however sometimes some bone grafting might need to happen at this point to prepare the implant site for a later date.

How long does a dental implant procedure take you ask?  Usually only 10-20 minutes and it’s like having a filling done.

Will I have dental implant procedure pain?  Definitely not during the procedure.  We use the best anesthetic to make sure you are profoundly numb.  There is also minor bleeding.


Immediate dental implants

If the implant post is placed at the time of the extraction then bone particles are needed to help fill in the void of the socket.   Placing the implant in the socket of the extracted tooth is also called immediate implant surgery.

The healing cap is usually placed and sutures in the gums to hold the gums together.  Immediate dental implants heal amazingly well because the implant fills the hole left behind.   You will return to our dental office in 1-2 weeks to have the stitches removed.

Tooth was already missing

If the implant was placed into a site where the tooth was already missing the procedure is usually much quicker.  Implant placement for these cases take only 15-20 minutes and most patients experience no pain at all.

Before you leave a xray will be taken to ensure accurate angulation of the implant.  You will be prescribed antibiotics to prevent any infection during the healing phase.

Implant Healing

After either procedure we typically wait 2-3 months for new bone formation and dental implant.  When getting the all on 4 implant teeth then all the implants can be placed at the same time. During this procedure, you may opt for oral sedation to relieve the anxiety about the procedure.

Want to know about Clear Choice dental implants?  Visit our whole mouth dental implant page.



4. Putting in the Abutment and the Tooth

Dental implant bridge


Finally you have reached the restorative phase of treatment in the dental implant procedure.  Usually there is a metal cap sticking out of the gums.  This is an extension of the titanium dental implant that replaces the tooth root.

Since the dental implant is underneath the gums, a metal post needs to extrude from the top of the implant thru the gum tissue and into the mouth.  These parts are screwed into the implant fixture.  They can also be removed and replaced at any time without the need for local anesthesia or numbing.

A Two Step Process

The first step is to remove the temporary metal cap and place a metal impression post.  Impressions are then taken of both jaws.  The impression post is removed and the temporary cap is replaced.

These impressions are sent to our dental lab for fabrication of the teeth.  The exact type of dental restoration will be discussed as there are a few options to choose from.

Within two weeks you will return for the installation of the new tooth or teeth.  The final abutment is attached and can be torqued into place and the permanent crown can be cemented onto it.  The tooth or teeth are ready to use within minutes and no pain is experienced with this process. And you never have to worry about tooth decay on your new tooth.

Wondering about the cost for dental implants or the cost for full dental implants?


How long does it take to get dental implants? 

The whole process can take as little as 2-3 months.  Then you can enjoy your new implant teeth forever.

For patients getting a removable denture the process can take up to 6 months.



Who is the Best Dentist for the Tooth Implant Process?


Rockville Dental Arts is the best place for dental implants because our doctors can remove teeth, put in dental implants, give your temporary teeth and make your new permanent teeth all in one office.  You will get the highest quality service.  We guarantee it.  We also have a extremely low implant failure rate.

The United States is known to be the best country for dental implants.  Our dentists and surgeons are highly trained and up to date on all the latest literature and best techniques for dental implants.



How Long do Dental Implants Last?How Long do Implants Last?


After going thru successful implant surgery and paying thousands of dollars you may be wondering how long do dental implants last?

Well there are obvious advantages to having dental implant teeth.  They do not get cavities, they never need root canals, and should never break.  Before we answer how long do dental implants last we should consider what are potential dental implant problems.

Dental implants are subject to gum disease and gum problems.  It’s not the typical gum disease that is around teeth which is called periodontitis, but it is called peri-implantitis.  In a nut shell, it is inflammation around the dental implant.  Peri-implantitis is treatable but must be caught early to prevent severe problems.

That is why regular dental appointments are always necessary.  Good oral hygiene including regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and water pik are always a must to care for your teeth.

Dental implants can break.  Yes, extreme biting forces will break metal.  Although highly unlikely we do see about one out of every 10,000 implants suffer breakage and need to be removed.

As long as your bite is stable you not likely to break the implant or the tooth.  Also, be sure not to chew extremely hard foods or shells like pistachio shells or cherry pits.

So how long do dental implants last?  The answer is if well taken care of and not abused they can last forever.  Not a bad investment if your dental implant can last 30, 40 or 50 years.



Caring for your Dental Implant Teeth


Read more about how to care for your new dental implant teeth so they will last you the rest of your life.


Dental Implants for Seniors

We provide the very best dental care and dental implants for seniors.  Truth is older individuals are more likely to have lost teeth and need basic teeth replacement.  Our average dental implant patient is 50 years old, however we have performed successful implant surgery patients aged 18 to 88 years old.

You are never too old to have a confident smile and stable bite.  So if you are looking for dental implants for seniors then you found the right dental office!



Contraindications for Dental Implants


Are there any contraindications for dental implants?  Yes.

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are not good implant candidates.  We prefer the A1C number to be under 6.5 to be ideal.

Also, heavy smokers are contraindicated for dental implants.    Assuming you are healthy, do not have diabetes and do not smoke (much) then there are no other dental implant contraindications.


If you want additional information or have questions about the steps in the dental implant procedure then contact us or, read more about dental implants, and we can provide you with a free consultation.  Or call us at 301-424-2030.  You can also text us at 301-424-2030.




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Bianca S
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Hands down the best dentist and dental office that I've visited. The warm and genuine hospitality that April and the entire front desk staff exhibits is unparalleled. Beyond that, once you are seated in the new and sparkling clean dental chair, you immediately know that you are in good hands. Dr. Norkiewicz and his team have provided me with world class dental care for nearly a decade. From routine cleanings to dental implants, they do it all. Go to Rockville Dental Arts if you want something to smile about. You'll be glad that you did.
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Tony Malveaux (Mal)
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I had such a wonderful experience as a new patient at this location. My hygienist (Jackie), was nothing less than phenomenal with my oral care and maintenance. She was very thorough in explaining my care plan, she was extremely personable and genuine which is very important to me. The physicians and staff were all extremely inviting, and impressed upon me that my dental care was their number one priority. I would definitely recommend this location and their team to all!

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