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Experiencing Loose Dentures? Here’s Why!

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Experiencing Loose Dentures? Here’s Why!

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Dentures used over a long period of time can get loose for a number of reasons. Degeneration of tissue and bone density underneath the dentures is one of the primary root causes of loosely fitting dentures. Patients should clearly understand that dentures are largely just an aesthetic option and do not in the actual sense replace real teeth. Continued use of full loose dentures consequently exerts a whole lot of pressure on an already deteriorating gum which in the long run thins out leaving a smaller and weaker surface area for fixing your dentures.


Caring For Them


Just like your natural teeth, dentures require special care and proper oral hygiene should be observed. If normal toothpaste, the likes of Colgate among others, is used on dentures, it can cause abrasion, thinning or even breakage. This in the long run can cause loose fitting denture problems. Though Colgate might be great for teeth, it is not recommended for denture care and therefore only special denture cream should be used.

With age comes many bodily changes and the mouth is no exception. Science has shown that as we age our mouths get smaller, gums may recede and therefore slowly altering the dental structure. When this happens over a period of time, denture wearers can end up experiencing mishaps in the fitting of their dentures. It is therefore advisable to have your dentures reevaluated and refitted at least within 5 years of wearing them to ensure that they do not get loose and if they are, then they can be relined or replaced.

As much as we would like to think that dentures should last forever, this is so not true. Just like your own teeth, dentures can wear out over a long period of usage. The harsh effects of brushing, chemicals found in denture care products, pressure exerted during daily use, chewing, reaction to acidity in fruit juices and other beverages, can damage and weaken dentures. In some unfortunate cases, this can lead to improper fitting and consequently loose dentures. As a rule of thumb, dentures need to be relined or replaced, if need be, once they start exhibiting signs of aging. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is recommended as well.snap on denture

Dentures are not a one size fit all and therefore should not be treated as such. Each denture wearer needs to be evaluated and have dentures, that are specifically tailored to their needs, fitted properly. If a mediocre denturist is utilized and low quality dentures fitted, the consequences could later come back to bite you in the form of loose dentures. Always ensure that you utilize qualified denturists and select quality dentures. Cheap dentures can be more expensive in the long run!  Or consider getting dental implants to snap on your dentures and never worry about them slipping again!


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