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What to do if your Implant Crown is Loose

What to do if your Implant Crown is Loose

What to do if your Implant Crown is Loose


Dental Implant Crown Came Loose


Implant dentistry is growing in popularity since it allows people to have their missing teeth replaced with natural looking implants that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, these implant crowns are not without their problems and can begin to come loose over the years. Those who are wondering what to do if your dental implant crown came loose or if you have a loose dental implants should read through this information so they will be fully prepared.


Though around 95% of dental implant patients experience success with their implants, there are some issues that can arise. When an dental implant crown is loose, the patient needs to schedule an appointment with their dentist, preferably the one who placed their implant crown.  If the crown has come off completely do not lose the crown, otherwise a new one will surely need to be made.  Losing a crown could wind up costing you way more money.  Do not remove the crown if it is loose.  Leave it alone and get to the dentist’s office quickly.  Our doctors will want to remove the crown to minimize damage to the underlying tooth and possibly prevent a root canal.

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If the patient cannot be seen right away, it is imperative they eat a soft foods diet and protect the tooth from further damage by being careful when they chew. It is crucial patients do not attempt to fix their implant crown themselves since this could make the problem worse.  Also, it is recommended to keep up good oral hygiene and dental care while the implant is loose.  You do not want to start getting bone loss, gum disease or peri implantitis around the implant while the tooth is moving.  There is a dental temporary cement around the gum line that holds everything together so we want that to stay clean and healthy.  The natural teeth around the implant may also become sensitive to hot and cold in the meantime.


Can a Loose Crown be Repaired?

Dr. Norkiewicz will first evaluate the type of damage that has been done to the dental implant or implant crown. If the screw has become loose, Dr. Norkiewicz will most likely open the crown portion of the implant so he can see the screw and determine whether it needs to be replaced or just tightened down.  Most of the time it is a simple fix to just tighten the offending screw and plug the hole with a filling.  Dr. Norkiewicz can replace the screw and then the crown so the implant is no longer loose and will allow the patient to be able to chew and bite down normally. Once an implant tooth has been repaired, it should be much stronger and less likely to become damaged.


Loose Dental Implanta failed dental implant

If you feel like you have a loose dental implant, don’t worry because it is probably just the crown and not the implant itself.  If your dental crown came loose then call us immediately.  If the entire implant is loose then you have a dental implant failure.  Dr. Norkiewicz is trained to deal with this issue too.  Failed implants are possible and it happens when bone cannot support the implant anymore because it gets taken over by gum tissue.  We will mostly likely want to removed the offending implant and place a bone graft in it’s place.  There is no way to save the implant when it becomes loose.


To prevent an implant crown from becoming loose, restorative dentists, like Dr. Norkiewicz, recommend their patients wear specialized mouth guards while they sleep. Immense pressure can be placed on the teeth as a person sleeps so it is important their implants are properly guarded to protect against loosening and other forms of damage.


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