What to do if your Implant Crown is Loose

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Implant dentistry is growing in popularity since it allows people to have their missing teeth replaced with natural looking teeth that can last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, these implant crowns are not without their problems and can begin to come loose over the years.


Help! My Dental Implant Crown Came Loose


Those who are wondering what to do if your dental implant crown came loose or if you have a loose dental implants should read through this information so they will be fully prepared.

Loose Dental ImplantThough around 98% of dental implant patients experience success with their teeth for years and years, there are some issues that can arise.

When an dental implant crown is loose, the patient needs to schedule an appointment with their dentist, preferably the one who placed their implant crown.

If the dental implant cap fell out,  do not lose the crown, otherwise a new one will surely need to be made.  Losing the crown could wind up costing you way more money.

Can a loose crown be repaired?

Most of the time, yes.  Basically, there are two simple fixes.  Sometimes the crown just needs to be reglued and other times the screw needs to be tightened again.



The Crown On My Implant Tooth is Loose


If your tooth implant is moving, first and foremost, don’t freak out.  More than likely the implant tooth can be fixed.

There can be many issues that cause an implant tooth to loosen and we will review all of them.  The key is to be careful chewing on the loose tooth as to not cause more damage.

Wondering how to tighten a loose tooth?  It depends on the problem.


The Internal Screw Can Loosendental implant crown

No, this is NOT your implant.

There is a small screw that connects the crown to the actual implant. If the screw is loose there is a simple fix.  The crown will need to have a hole drilled in it for access to the screw.

Some implant crowns are actually originally designed with a screw hole and are covered with filling material.  The majority of the time the screw can be tightened and it is a simple 10 minute fix.


Was It Your Healing Cap?healing cap

If you are in the middle of dental implant treatment your healing cap may have fallen out.

If your dental implant healing cap fell out then you should get it put back in immediately to prevent the gums from growing over the implant.


Metal Can Fracture Under Biting Forces


Sometimes a part of the implant, the abutment or a part of the crown has broken.

Even though dental implants are made of metal they can break under the large biting forces.  It is extremely rare but it can happen.

If either the crown or the abutment (part that attaches the crown to the actual root implant) is broken then you are in luck.  This is simple fix, however a bit costly.  Your dental implant is still good and the abutment and crown can simply be remade and a new one installed within a few weeks.

If your dental implant fractured then, unfortunately, you have a bad dental implant.  A new tooth implant can be installed after removing the broken one.



Can a Loose Implant Crown be Repaired?


Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz will first evaluate the type of damage that has been done to the dental implant or implant crown.

If the screw has become loose, Dr. Norkiewicz will most likely open the crown portion of the implant so he can see the screw and determine whether it needs to be replaced or just tightened down.  Most of the time it is a simple fix to just tighten the offending screw and plug the hole with a filling.

Dr. Norkiewicz may replace the screw and then the crown so the implant is no longer loose and will allow the patient to be able to chew and bite down normally.

Once an implant tooth has been repaired, it should be much stronger and less likely to become damaged.



I Have a Loose Dental Implant…


loose dental implant

If you feel like you have loose dental implants, don’t worry because it is probably just the crown and not the implant itself.

If your dental crown came loose then call us immediately.  If you have a loose dental implant then you could also have a dental implant failure.

Dr. Norkiewicz is trained to deal with this issue too.  Loose dental implants are a problem because implants are designed to be strong and not mobile.  Therefore, if something is loose then you definitely have a situation.

Dental implant loosening is common after 5-20 years of chewing.

The dental implant screw fell out and probably needs to be tighten.  If your screws fall out all the time then it’s time to get an expert opinion on the next step.  It may be time for a new crown.


Implant Failure

Is your tooth implant loose?

Failed implants are possible and it happens when bone cannot support the implant anymore because it gets taken over by gum tissue.  We will mostly likely want to removed the offending implant and place a bone graft in it’s place.

There is no way to save the implant when it becomes loose.  However, it is possible to have another dental implant in it’s place in the future.


To prevent dental implants loosening, restorative dentists, like Dr. Norkiewicz, recommend their patients wear specialized mouth guards while they sleep.

Immense pressure can be placed on the teeth as a person sleeps so it is important their implants are properly guarded to protect against loosening and other forms of damage.


Dental Implant cap fell outimplant fell out


Are you in the middle of implant therapy?

A temporary metal cap is placed on the implant to preserve and heal the tissue.  Sometimes that cap and become loose and fall out.

If your dental implant healing cap fell out then you should get to an implant dentist within 24-48 to have it replaced.  Otherwise the tissue will grow over the implant and will need to be cut away.


Dental Implant Pain


Are you experiencing dental implant pressure pain?

This could be one of the signs of dental implant rejection.  Implants should not hurt or have gum swelling.

If there is gum swelling around the implant or tooth then you could have an infected dental implant.  You should probably get on antibiotics right away and call your local implant dentist to have an implant evaluation.

Dental implants infection symptoms include implant pain, swelling, loosening, or infection.  Sometimes this may require dental implant removal.  An infected dental implant should be removed, bone grafted and replaced.



Symptoms Of Loose Implantshow to tighten a loose implant

If your dental implant feels loose, then you may also have a failing dental implant.  Some loose dental implant symptoms are:

  • Painful Gums
  • You feel the tooth moving
  • Swollen gum around the tooth
  • Bleeding around the tooth
  • Can’t chew properly
  • Can’t bite down properly
  • The implant tooth came out completely


If you are unlucky and the actual root implant loosened then unfortunately the implant cannot be saved.

In this case the implant will need to be removed by a skilled dental implant office or an oral surgeon.  A new dental implant can placed in the future.  Why is it important for tooth replacement?

dental implant procedure



My Crown is Loose and I Cannot Get to the Dental Officeimplant crown


If the patient cannot be seen right away, it is imperative they eat a soft food diet and protect the tooth from further damage by being careful when they chew. It is crucial patients do not attempt to fix their implant crown themselves since this could make the problem worse.

Also, it is recommended to keep up good oral hygiene and dental care while the implant is loose.  You do not want to start getting bone loss, gum disease or peri implantitis around the implant while the tooth is moving.

There is a temporary dental cement around the gum line that holds everything together so we want that to stay clean and healthy.  The natural teeth around the implant may also become sensitive to hot and cold in the meantime.


Is a Loose Dental Implant Crown an Emergency?


Yes, but not an immediate emergency.  Try to get to the dentist within 48 hours to get it tightened back down.  Also be sure not to chew on that side of your mouth.

Chewing on a loose dental implant could cause further problems or worse yet breakage of one of the components.



The Implant to My Snap On Denture is Loosesnap on denture


Snap on Dentures are attached by usually either 2 or 4 dental implants.  Sometimes these implants can become loose.

First, do not worry.  The most common problem is a loose locator abutment.  The abutment is the gold top that screws into the dental implant.

These abutments are torqued into place and occasionally they can get loose.  In this case the abutment can be tighten down and instantly your denture will snap back into place.

The other scenario for dental implant loosening is when the implant has failed.

You will know this in particular because the gum will hurt a bit and will likely be swollen.  If the implant has failed the only option is to remove the loose dental implant and place another one in a different position.

This can usually be accomplished at the same time.  Once the new denture implant has healed in a few months then it can be attached to the prosthesis.



The Crown On My Real Tooth is Loosedental crown glue


Do not try to remove the crown if it is loose.  Leave it alone and get to the dentist’s office quickly or search crowns near me.

If your crown is on a natural tooth our doctors will want to remove the crown to minimize damage to the underlying tooth and possibly prevent a root canal.  The dentist can always get the crown off without damage to the underlying tooth.

If you searched my tooth fell out… was it the whole tooth or just the cap?


The Crown on My Real Tooth Came Off


My Tooth is Alive

If your tooth cap came off be sure to save it safely in a container or bag for the dentist to glue it back on with dental crown glue.

Do not use superglue.  If you lose it then you will surely need a new crown for your tooth!

The underlying tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold liquids and foods so be careful when eating and drink to avoid that side of your mouth.

Get to the dentist within a day or two.  If it is the weekend then you can probably wait until Monday.

My Tooth had a Root Canal

If the tooth stump had a root canal then your tooth will definitely not be sensitive to any temperature or foods, but you should still avoid using that side.  Keep it clean to prevent tooth decay.

If the crown fell out with post attached then you definitely had a root canal. Ideally you want to get the crown glued back in within 2-3 days.  If you wait weeks then the tooth stump could possibly move and you will likely need a new crown fitted for the tooth.

The underlying tooth may also be sharp to your tongue and or cheek.  Be careful not to rub up against it.  If you happen to have a nightguard or a bleaching tray it may be a good idea to put that in your mouth to help prevent tooth sensitivity.

If your crown keeps falling off then the tooth may not have enough support to hold a crown.  It may be time for a dental implant.



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