How long do Rockville Dental Implants take to heal?

Dental Implants

Rockville dental implants utilized today have improved with the advancement of research and technology. New approaches as to how these procedures are performed also entails improved dental care and consequently dictates how long a dental implant procedure will take to heal and what is the dental implant healing time?

Generally a dentist might advise that for an implant to completely heal, it could take up to anywhere between 2-6 months. Although this is largely an assumption at best, there are a few factors that play a major role in the healing process.


Dental Implants Heal Fastdental implant healing time


Prior to the dental implant procedure one may be instructed to avoid the use of any medication that is associated to blood thinning, for instance, Aspirin. This is a precautionary step taken in order to avoid excessive bleeding during the Rockville dental implants procedure and thereafter. Excessive bleeding post surgery is not only uncomfortable but it can also pose an infection threat therefore undermining the recovery process. If you experience excessive bleeding, notify your dentist right away to avert any unforeseen complications stemming from bleeding!


Implant Healing Time


Type of implantation procedure used can be a big determinant of how much time it would take to heal. “Same day teeth” a revolutionary procedure where a dental implant can be placed on the day of tooth extraction not only shortens the treatment time but also the time it would take to heal completely. This is particularly so since adjunctive procedures will not be needed. However, in the cases where a 2-step procedure is utilized, the patient will need a longer recovery period.

As a rule of thumb, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and any tobacco should be avoided a few days before and at least two weeks after a dental implantation procedure. These products are known to not only expose the implants to staining but can also cause inflammation and blood clots, consequently exposing the patient to the risk of infection. This generally puts the recovery process in jeopardy.

The overall health of the patient, particularly their jawbone can greatly dictate how soon one recovers from implant surgery. Should there be need for bone grafting, a more invasive procedure will be needed in order to replace the degenerative or missing bone. In such instances, a longer healing period might follow.


Rockville MD Implant Dentistdental implant healing cap


At the time of implant placement you should have in your mouth a dental implant healing cap.  The cap screws into the implant and prevents the gums from closing over.  Within a few months the healing cap can be removed and an impression taken.  If your implant healing cap becomes loose, get to your dentist right away to have it tightened.


Proper post-surgery care is essential in order to ensure that oral hygiene is observed. Generally, hot foods and drinks should be avoided and dentist’s instructions adhered to. By so doing the patient will keep the recovery process on track and mostly minimize any complications arising from improper care. Make sure to follow up with your Rockville dentist so as to get a proper evaluation on how the healing process is shaping up and to pinpoint any post dental implant risks and side effects. Remember, the amount of time that will take for full recovery defers from patient to patient and therefore you shouldn’t expect ‘copy-cat’ experiences!

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