Will Food Get Under My Dental Implants?

Food under dental implants

For many patients, one of the biggest complaints of partial dentures and fixed bridges is that food particles can get trapped between the gum and the prosthesis.

Dental implants are the best solution to your partial denture or fixed bridge problems.  With dental implants, you won’t experience any of that pesky irritation or discomfort.


Food Will Never Get Stuck Under a Single Dental Implant Tooth

food getting stuck under dental implants


Dental implants offer patients with one missing tooth and have been found to improve your life. They are made of titanium, which is a highly biocompatible material that’s naturally compatible with the human body.

A well-constructed dental implant is an absolute work of art that will fit in your mouth as though it were a natural tooth. It will keep a tight seal with your gums, minimizing any potential openings where food can get caught.

Unlike a normal tooth, dental restorations are completely cemented in place, so food (and other things) can’t get stuck underneath.

If food ever gets stuck in your implant, it may mean the implant was placed incorrectly. This can be easily fixed with a simple re-placement at low cost. See Dr. Norkiewicz for a consultation.


Food May Get Stuck Under All on Four and Snap on Dentures


snap on dentures

While it’s possible for food to get stuck underneath an implant bridge or implant denture, they are easier to clean than natural teeth.  Also you never have to worry about food particles collecting on the dental implant.

Implant-supported dentures provide access to the gums and food particles so that you can thoroughly clean your mouth and gums.

Brushing and cleaning the All on 4 isn’t hard, but flossing them can be. The patented Waterpik® Water Flosser is the most efficient way to clean your gums and dental work. With a simple pump of the handle, you can shoot water deep between your teeth. Using the built-in pressure control, you can select a stream that’s right for you! Also, no matter how often you use it, water flossing is gentle on gum tissue.


Dental Implant Teeth are Easy to Keep Clean


When you’re missing teeth, eating and speaking can be a challenge. Not only does it affect appearance but it also affects your overall health. A dental implant or an implant-supported bridge or full denture is the best way to replace one tooth or an entire mouth of teeth. For more information about dental implants, including how they work, their cost, and how we can help you get started on your new smile, contact us today.