How to Cope With Partial Dentures

Partial Denture

New partial dentures have an adjustment period. For some patients, it can take some effort to both mentally adjust to having partial dentures and get into new habits for proper dental hygiene.

Your dentist has helped many patients go through this, and so they can give you tips for how to cope with partial dentures.

Let’s go over some of the most common questions patients have when getting adjusted to new dentures.


How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Partial Dentures?how to cope with partial dentures


Your new partial dentures will feel unusual to you. Any patient with new hardware in their mouth, like braces or a retainer, will have an adjustment period. Most patients have learned how to manage with partial dentures after a few days or weeks.

Some of the things you’ll need to get used to are the way the dentures feel in your mouth, taking them in and out, cleaning your partial dentures, and eating and talking while your mouth feels different.

The first week you have your partial dentures will be the strangest for you. While some patients feel adjusted after three days, others may not feel completely adjusted until weeks in. You’ll know you’ve learned how to survive with partial dentures when taking care of them has become so habitual that you don’t need to think as much about it anymore.


How Can I Make My Partial Dentures More Comfortable?


denture soreWhen you visit your dentist, always talk to them about how your partial dentures are fitting for you. They may have suggestions for ways to overcome any discomfort you’re feeling.  New partials or dentures will usually need some minor adjustments to get them fitting perfectly.  If you develop gum sores the denture simply needs an adjustment.

While the first few weeks may feel odd to you, there are ways you can make your partial dentures more comfortable. You may wish to use a denture adhesive to keep your artificial teeth from sliding in your mouth. You may also wish to experiment with different adhesives. This is a good thing to discuss with your dentist since they will know what brands might work best with the specific materials used in your dentures.

It is also important to have realistic expectations. Your partial dentures are going to fill a gap in your smile and keep your teeth from moving. People don’t have to know you’ve lost a tooth. But it won’t necessarily feel like natural teeth. When you accept this, it can make it easier to accept the way the partial denture feels in your mouth.

To keep your partial dentures comfortable, it’s important to keep them properly cleaned and in good condition. Handling your dentures properly will keep them from becoming misshapen and uncomfortable.


Can You Leave Partial Dentures in all the Time?


While you could technically leave partial dentures in all the time, this is not a good idea for your dental health. It is best for your gums and teeth that you remove the partial dentures at night while you sleep.

When you leave your partial dentures in all the time, there is a greater chance of growing bacteria and fungi under the denture and in your mouth. This is terrible news for your dental health. It can lead to bad smells, irritation, and gum disease. It also puts pressure on your gums for a long period of time and can be bad for your bones.

For your long term dental health, it’s better to get used to taking your partial dentures out at night and giving them a rest.


Problems With Partial Denturespartial dentures problems


Some people will experience partial dentures problems and will not be able to wear them.  That is why we recommend going to dental implants and implant supported dentures.  Snap in dentures will not have any metal, be lightweight and have no unsightly metal wires.  They are more comfortable than partial dentures because they will not feel tight around the teeth nor move around in your mouth.

You may also experience upper denture problems.  Whether you have a full denture or a partial denture upper denture problems are common because they can affect your speech, your gag reflex or your chewing and TMJ.

With a properly made denture you should not have problems.  Trust the denture experts at Rockville Dental Arts to evaluate your current dentures and make recommendations to fix them.


Is it Hard to Eat with Partial Dentures?eating with partial dentures


When you first get your partial dentures, you may want to stick to soft foods for the first few days or even the first week. This way, you can get used to chewing.

As you become more confident eating with partial dentures in your mouth, you can start adding in more chewy foods. Particularly chewy and hard foods will take more time to get used to and learn how to eat with. However, as you learn how to cope with partial dentures, you will feel more natural as you eat.

Eating with dentures shouldn’t be difficult once you get used to having them in your mouth.  How to eat with dentures is more difficult if you have full dentures than with partial dentures.  With full dentures you will need to chew food on both sides of your mouth at the same time.


Your Questions About How To Cope With Partial Dentures


Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact our team with any concerns you may have about dentures!



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    Avatar for Dawn R Holdren

    I got new lower partials and they are rubbing my back gum what do I do to get used to it

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Hi Dawn,

      If they are new, then I would go back to the dentist that made them and see if they need any adjustments made. Sometimes they rub the gum and cause a sore spot. You can also try denture adhesive which will provide a cushion under the denture. Hope that helps! Dr. Dennis

    Avatar for Mary Brooks

    What can i use on my teeth when the metal is rubbing aganist the teeth that causeing a little discomforter

    Avatar for Shelby

    I’ve got a new cast metal upper partial, is it safe to use the adhesive?

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Yes, but if it’s new, you shouldn’t have to. A new cast metal partial should fit like a glove in your mouth

    Avatar for Charlene

    Had bottom partials with metal cast,6 of my own teeth,that’s where the metal cast lies on my 6 teeth, they feel good,ended up after 3 weeks ,left side got irritated,what went wrong,will I be able to wear them again,using salt water.

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS


      Chances are that the partial is sitting too tight on the gums. I would recommend going back to the dentist to have them adjusted.

      Dr. Norkiewicz

      Avatar for Kendra Hill

      I just got my plastic upper partial denture I can’t stand the plastic plate on the roof of my mouth! Can it be replaced with a metal piece that sits close behind my natural front teeth? Thank you!

        Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

        Yes, but unfortunately you would need a new partial made.

    Avatar for Bernie Larson

    how to get used to an upper partial dental plate regards to slurring speech, feeling like I have a childs toy in my mouth!

    Avatar for Jane

    I’ve had partial dentures for a week
    When I eat they fall down any suggestions

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Your partial dentures should have metal wires to hold them in place. More than likely the metal wires need to be adjusted.

    Avatar for Dianne

    Having a hard time taking my bottom partial out, really hurts and makes my gums sore

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Dianne, you probably need a dentist to adjust the partial to make it more comfortable!

    Avatar for Linda

    I never thought it would be so painful and uncomfortable

      Avatar for John

      Me too. I think I made a big mistake, should have put all that money into implants.

    Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

    That stinks Allen. I would return to the dentist that made the dentures and have them relined or adjusted!

    Avatar for ,Denedra

    My bottom partial is 3 weeks old. Within the second week, I started biting the side of my tongue when I eat or talk. What is happening.?

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Possibly the teeth do not line up with the upper teeth properly. You should go back to your dentist and have them take a look at it. Dr Norkiewicz

    Avatar for Ttacy

    I glued my top partial in with fixodent and now I can’t remove it

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Try rinsing with warm water

        Avatar for Kathy

        I had my 4 front teeth extracted and a new partial made. The palate makes me gag and difficulty swallowing. I feel like I have very little room left in my mouth. Would my dentist be able to remove the palate or at the very least cut it way back? I can’t wear them and have been using my essix retainer that I was given until my partial came in but I can’t eat with the essix.

          Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

          If the palate is pink plastic then yes it can be cut back. It’s probably too long if it makes you gag.

    Avatar for Kim

    Hello, am Kim , I have competition of my drop I worked in a dental office I hated it one doctor look at my teeth and told me they where fracture and loose now I have no Ins & smile in depressed . I pray everyday I can get them fix Thanks I pray everyday I can and will get yhremofficee

    Avatar for Donna

    I have dental implant with a partial. Since I have had that I talk funny and my smile isn’t the same. What can I do?

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Please schedule a consultation so we can take a look. call or text 301-424-2030

    Avatar for Joan

    Dentist cannot make partial fit right. Had to remake the first one. Now on second one and that hurts. This is my fourth partial. Dentist acts like it’s my fault. So painful

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Joan, You might want to find another dentist or a prosthodontist to have it made correctly. Dr Dennis Norkiewicz

    Avatar for S.J.

    my dentist keeps adjusting my bottom partial by cutting away some of the pink material, exposing the metal under structure. (Not the wires around the natural teeth for support) I think the metal is rubbing the gums and that is where the pain comes from. Is it okay for this metal to be exposed ???

      Avatar for Dennis Norkiewicz, DDS

      Yes it is okay. However, the partial needs to sit evenly on the gums. If one spot hitting harder than you will get sores. Have them use pressure indicating paste to find the right spot rather than just randomly adjusting it. Dr. Norkiewicz

    Avatar for Greg

    I have had a partial for several years, upper area of my mouth (metal) When I do have my partial in, I noticed once remove, the upper roof of mouth gets tender/sore. This does not happen all the time. I do keep my partial clean and I don’t sleep with it at night. Any solutions on how to prevent this. When I take it out, I use Oragel mouth rinse. Greg

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