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Do You Have Ill Fitting Dentures?

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Do You Have Ill Fitting Dentures?

Ill Fitting Dentures are NO Fun

Just like you have been trained to see a physician when you have a medical condition in your body, your dental health is equally important.  The dental treatment that you receive can help to circumvent a wide range of associated health issues too. This is especially the case for anyone of you who have an issues with ill-fitting dentures. Even though your first inclination is to correct this problem because it affects your smile and appearance, ill fitting dentures can lead to other problems that can be very painful and irritating.  Therefore, if you are dealing with these issues in any shape or form, here is what to do if you have ill fitting dentures.

Make an Appointment to see your Dentist for Adjustmentsdentures rockville md

When you are a newbie to wearing dentures, you may find that you will have to adjust to wearing your dentures. Because you have never worn these appliances in your mouth before, there is a learning curve that you experience until you can become comfortable. The same is true for anyone who has worn dentures for a long time, particularly when the dentures begin to slip and slide as you speak and eat.  In either case, it is time to make an appointment to see your dentist.

The dentist’s job is to work with you to make sure the ill-fitting dentures are properly adjusted to your gums.  During these adjustments, dentists will adjust the size and shape of your dentures to fit comfortably. In other words, you do not want your dentures to be too loose or too snug.

Go Early to see Your Dentists to Avoid Other Problems that Surface During these Times

As stated previously, new denture wearers will need time to adjust to their new teeth. Simply put, your dentures may really be uncomfortable at first until you can actually adjust to the way that feel inside of your own mouth. However, as time passes, the fit should be comfortable enough to wear without experiencing unnecessary problems.

With that being said, to avoid any unnecessary health issues and other concerns, it is important that you are arm yourself with information. For instance, it is important that you are familiar with all of the unhealthy signs and symptoms that are associated with ill-fitting dentures.  Here are some of the signs of health problems that you need to know.


snap on dentureThe dentures that you wear is not only for giving you a nice bright beautiful smile but they are meant to make it is easy for you to chew your foods well. Chewing your foods properly is the only way your digestive system will function properly too. Therefore, if your dentures are ill-fitted, this can impact your eating habits. In some cases, if not corrected early, some people will lose a lot of weight. So, this is a health issue that you need to pay close attention to before you begin to suffer from other medical conditions.


When dentures do not fit properly as they should, you can also begin to develop pressure sores in different places inside of your mouth. These sores usually show up in the places on the gums that need to be adjusted. In fact, when this happens, your dentist can use these sores to determine where the dentures need to be adjusted.


The way you talk can also be affected if your dentures do not fit correctly. For instance, you may begin to experience problems with slurred speech or you may even develop a lisp that you have never had before. Fortunately, your speech patterns will return to normal, once the dentures have been adjusted correctly by your Rockville MD denture dentist.



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