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How to fix common Denture Problems

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How to fix common Denture Problems

Dentures offer a practical solution to tooth loss while affording the user an added aesthetic benefit. Just like normal teeth, dentures require proper care and maintenance in order to promote overall oral health. However, improperly cared for dentures could result in a whole host of problems, some of which can have lasting negative effects on an individual’s health. It is therefore vital to pinpoint these problems, their root causes and the measures that can be taken to correct them.

Common Denture Problems

Loosely fitting dentures are one of the commonly experienced denture problems. This problem can quickly get uncomfortable and could consequently lead to damaged gums as well as infections. You can make use of denture adhesives to keep your dentures in place but do not completely rely on a ‘do-it-yourself’ solution! It is therefore advisable to ensure that you get your dentures fitted right by an experienced and reputable dentist. Also be proactive at making sure that, at the very first sign of ill-fitting and looseness, you seek professional help to have your dentures re-adjusted, re-fitted or replaced, if need be.snap on dentures

Some denture users have reported experiencing chewing problems. Although it is common place for some types of food to be more challenging to chew than others when using dentures, there could be an underlying problem other than the food itself. Poorly aligned dentures could be the root cause, bringing about an imbalance on the chewing surface and therefore improper functioning dentures. If you experience this problem, try eating soft foods, chew slowly and redistribute food to simultaneously chew on both sides so as to curb exertion of pressure on one side. Should the problem persist, then you should consider consulting your dentist to have your denture problems re-aligned or to get a replacement altogether.

Bad Dentures Are A Thing Of The Past

It is not only embarrassing when your dentures start making unwanted smacking sounds, but it can also be an hindrance to speaking properly. Should your dentures shift positions making it hard for you to properly keep control of them, this can lead to inhibition of proper word formation as well as undesired clicking noises. This is no fun. Getting your dentures relined can greatly help. Sometimes rebasing might be necessary. In the end replacement may as well be the ultimate solution. Make sure you consult your dentist to take care of this problem before it gets out of worse.

Prolonged use of denture problems without proper care and other underlying common denture problems, as discussed above can lead to mouth infections. Inflammation and soreness of the mouth can especially be evident in the corners of the mouth. Improperly fitting dentures can result in problems with the lips not closing properly. This could lead to accumulation of saliva within the mouth corners and with time, yeast can form leaving one very susceptible to infection. It is therefore important to seek professional help as well as to always practice proper oral hygiene as well as a nutritious diet. Vitamins are important for healthy gums and prevention of infection.

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