What to Do if You Have Bad-Looking Dentures

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It’s estimated that over half of people between the ages of 65 and 74 wear some sort of denture.

But not all dentures are the same, nor are they all of the same quality and fit. Dentures require proper fitting and alignment by an experienced dentist. And over time, dentures must be properly cared for to maintain their appearance and quality.

Look for these common problems and signs of bad-looking dentures mentioned below. Then, learn what you can do to get your mouth looking and feeling great again!


Poor Fit

Bad-Looking Dentures


Poorly-fitting dentures don’t just feel strange—they can look ill-fitting too.

One common issue people experience after a teeth replacement is that their dentures are loose and moving around. And if you have this problem, other people may notice, too, because dentures with a poor fit can affect your speech and pronunciation.

You may appear sloppy when speaking or saying certain words.

You may also look different when chewing if your dentures don’t fit properly. And you may notice a clicking sound from the dentures moving in your mouth.

An improper fit doesn’t only make dentures look bad, but it can also lead to gum damage and infection. That’s why it’s crucial to visit a trusted dentist to get fitted, especially if you start noticing any of these issues.


Unnatural-looking Denturesclip in dentures


Your dentures should be made just for you. Their shape, size, color, and alignment should be personalized for your mouth and smile.

But sometimes, dentures look unnatural or fake. And this is a sign of bad dentures that need fixing.

Whether you opt for snap-on, partial, fixed, or another type of denture treatment, they should be customized for your mouth to maintain a natural and authentic look.


Broken or Damaged Dentures


Dentures may sometimes have cracks or other damage, which can lead to bad-looking dentures.

denture repair

This can include missing teeth, cracks that affect the fit of your dentures, or other signs of breakage and wear.

To fix this problem, you may be tempted to repair your dentures yourself. But home adhesive and do-it-yourself fixes can do more harm than good.

If your smile suffers from damaged dentures, seek professional denture repair. In our office, we can make your dentures look great again by fixing chips, cracks, replacing teeth, or making any other necessary repairs.


Facial Aging


One sign that you have bad dentures is that your dentures make your face suddenly appear older and more aged than before.

bone loss

When dentures don’t fit properly, you may notice more wrinkling or a sunken appearance around the mouth, jaw, and cheeks. For some, dentures can also make the face appear shorter.

But dentures don’t have to make your face look older. High-quality dentures can improve the look of your face.

If you’ve noticed facial aging after your teeth replacement, talk to your dentist about refitting or replacing your dentures.


Trouble Closing the Lips

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Another problem that can arise from a poor fit is that it can become hard to fully close your lips.

This can affect the aesthetic look of the face and draw more attention to your mouth.

And when you’re unable to close your mouth properly, you may be susceptible to certain infections. This is because saliva can pool in the corners of the mouth and around the lips, leading to yeast growth.

If you notice that you’re unable to fully close and touch your lips together, be sure to visit a reputable dentist as soon as possible to prevent further discomfort and health risks.


How to Fix Bad-Looking Dentures


If your dentures look strange or don’t feel right, you may have bad dentures.

However, it’s important to note that some initial discomfort or awkwardness is normal when wearing new dentures. You may struggle to pronounce some words at first, or your dentures may feel foreign in the beginning.

But over time, dentures should start to feel more natural and comfortable.

If you have bad-looking dentures, broken dentures, or any of the signs of an improper fit, getting help is recommended. Professional help from an experienced dentist is the quickest and most trustworthy way to fix your smile.

A dentist can also offer the best treatment to help prevent gum damage, infection, and pain.denture problem

If your dentures are new but don’t seem to look or feel right in your mouth, make an appointment as soon as possible. And even if you’re used to having dentures, you may still experience some issues over time.

Dentures should be relined regularly, depending on the type of dentures you have. For some, relining is necessary as frequently as every year. Discuss relining and long-term treatment with your dentist, and talk to your dentist if you start to experience any sudden changes or issues with your dentures.



Bad Dentures Are A Thing Of The Past

It is not only embarrassing when your dentures start making unwanted smacking sounds, but it can also be an hindrance to speaking properly.

Should your dentures shift positions making it hard for you to properly keep control of them, this can lead to inhibition of proper word formation as well as undesired clicking noises. This is no fun.

Getting your dentures relined can greatly help. Sometimes rebasing might be necessary.

In the end replacement may as well be the ultimate solution. Make sure you consult your dentist to take care of this problem before it gets out of worse.


Get Dentures That Look and Feel Great!Dr Norkiewicz


As a replacement for natural teeth, dentures should look and feel natural too. But bad-looking dentures can look fake, awkward, and easy to spot.

And dentures that look bad are more likely to lead to more discomfort and health risks due to low quality and poor fit.

Thankfully, common denture problems can be fixed with the help of a trustworthy dentist.

At Rockville Dental Arts, we’re experienced in a range of dentures and dental services. We work hard to customize dentures to fit you and your needs while ensuring your smile looks great.

Contact us today to make an appointment at our office to get new dentures or fix your old ones!


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