Help… My Crown Just Broke

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Dental crowns are built to last anywhere between 10 and 25 years, but accidents happen.

Crowns can break due to a blow to the face, teeth grinding, biting into hard foods or opening things with your tooth. A cracked crown is very rarely a dental emergency, but it was placed there to serve a purpose so it is necessary to get it fixed or replaced.

Here’s how to tell if your cracked crown needs more immediate attention:


Look in the Mirror at your Cracked Crownbroken crown tooth


Take a look at the cracked crown. Is it very loose? If so, you want to remove it so you don’t swallow it.

Once it is removed, check the underlying tooth for any jagged edges that could cut the inside of your mouth. Smooth edges aren’t cause for immediate concern, so just be careful chewing on that side of your mouth until you can get to see your dentist.

If there are sharp areas exposed, you may need to be seen sooner rather than later.

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Assess the Pain


It is not uncommon to experience tooth sensitivity, especially to hot or cold, after a crown breaks. If your pain level is low, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help hold you over until you can be seen by your dentist. Again, just be careful with what and how you eat and drink until you’re able to be seen. Very hot or cold foods, as well as hard and chewy foods, should be avoided so you don’t cause yourself undue agony.

However, if your pain is severe or you have jagged pieces causing scrapes and cuts, you need to be seen immediately for your cracked crown.  


Call Your Dentist

cracked crown

Whether your broken crown is an emergency situation or not, you need to make a call to your dental care provider. If you aren’t in major pain and there are no jagged edges, it’s likely your dentist will schedule you an appointment. For more severe pain or other potential complications, you may be able to get a same-day appointment.

They will need to examine the cracked crown in order to assess whether you need a full replacement or a simple repair, as well as check to make sure that there was no damage done to the underlying tooth.

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Emergency Dentist in Rockville MD


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