Dental Implants Aftercare

Dental Implants Aftercare

You have just received a serious dental implants procedure, and you will soon feel functionality to your mouth and jaw restored. This innovative procedure in restorative dentistry can save mouths and lives. If you’re about to invest in such a procedure, you should know the proper steps to maintaining good dental implants aftercare. Our implant dentist, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz, in Rockville has the best dental implants aftercare tips to keep your mouth healthy and strong for life.

What to Expect After Surgery

Immediately after your dental implants procedure is finished, you may experience some pain. Patients report having some blood in the saliva for up to a day, and you may want to bite down on a gauze pad to quell the bleeding until it subsides. There is usually also some swelling, which is completely normal after surgery. You should place ice on the swollen area for at least two days after the surgery.  If you received stitches those will likely be taken out in a week to two weeks.

How to Eatthrobbing pain after dental implant

There will be a limit to what you can eat for a short while after the surgery is complete. Remember to drink a lot of fluids, especially water. Avoid any hot foods or drinks, and consume mostly soft, palatable foods until recovery is complete.  Also try not to eat on the affected side as to not disturb the stitches.


You may be prescribed pain medications as well as antibiotics, which will help prevent the risk of infection. When you feel your anesthetic wearing off, you should start taking your pain medications.  Take the antibiotics for one week.

You should not have throbbing pain after dental implant surgery.  If you do then something could be wrong and we suggest you returning to your surgeon.  If you have throbbing pain after implant surgery then the implant could be infected, impinging on a nerve or worse yet, perforated thru the boney plate.

Practice Oral Hygiene

You should still maintain good oral hygiene to the best of your ability during the recovery process. Make sure to use an oral rinse while your dental implants are still swollen, and when you start to recover, brush and floss your teeth as often as possible.

Get Your Dental Implants Today

With good dental implants aftercare, you can ensure that you will restore successful functionality to your mouth. Our dentist, Dr. Norkiewicz, in Rockville MD can assist you with all your restorative dentistry needs including dental implants and dentures. Visit us at Rockville Dental Arts, or give us a call at (301) 424-2030 to set an appointment.

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