Looking for an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

Conditions and Habits that lead to Premature Tooth Loss

I need an emergency dentist near me. These are never great words to find yourself saying. Will your normal dentist see you? Should you go to the emergency room? What counts as a “dental emergency” anyway?

If you feel like you need to find an emergency dentist near you, then you likely do. A dental emergency is when your mouth is bleeding, you are in serious pain, or you are at risk of losing a tooth. If you believe your gums are infected, that counts as an emergency needing attention as soon as possible.


What Do I Do When I Have a Dental Emergency?emergency dentist near me


Do you have a regular dentist? Your best bet is often to contact them as soon as possible. If not, then ask your friends and family who they trust as their dentist. If neither of these options work, check the internet quickly for a dentist near you with a number you can call. Look at their online dentist reviews, testimonials, and website to get a feel for who they are and whether you trust them.

Most of the top-quality dentists will be there for you. Dentists know that emergencies can happen anytime. When their patients are panicked and wondering how to find an emergency dentist near me, they are there for their patients.

When you go to visit your dentist, bring your identification, insurance information, and medical history with you if possible.


Can I Go to the Emergency Room for a Dental Emergency?


Yes, you can. However, this isn’t often the best solution. If you’re in extreme pain or bleeding, they can help stop the bleeding and alleviate the pain with medications. This is a temporary measure until you can get to that emergency dentist near me.

You’ll need to visit an actual dentist to have the issue truly addressed or to protect your teeth from permanent tooth loss. These aren’t areas physicians in urgent care are trained in.


I Need an Emergency Dentist Near Me


If you’re in extreme pain or otherwise worried about your dental health, contact your dental team as soon as possible. They should have an emergency number for exactly this reason. They’ll be able to tell you if you need to come straight into the office or if there are other temporary measures you can take for your health.


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