Teeth Whitening Overview

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As we get older, our teeth tend to lose their brilliance. Over time, habits like drinking dark beverages (coffee, red wine, etc.), eating staining foods and smoking can all leave your teeth stained.

Even if you have great dental and oral hygiene and you visit us at Rockville Dental Arts regularly for cleanings, you may still notice that your teeth are getting duller and more yellowed as you get older. Fortunately, though, many of our Rockville, MD patients have found renewed brilliance in their smiles with our teeth whitening services.


In-Office and At-Home Whitening Treatments


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At Rockville Dental Arts, we use Zoom teeth whitening for both in-office and at-home whitening treatments. For our in-office treatments, we use Zoom teeth whitening gel and activate it with a UV light for ultimate brightness. We can also have a custom dental tray made for you to take home and use professional-grade Zoom teeth whitening gel on your own periodically. We generally recommend that patients start with an in-office treatment and use at-home trays to maintain the brilliance of their teeth.


Teeth Whitening Cost


Like we said earlier there are two popular teeth whitening methods.   You may be wondering what is the cost of teeth whitening?  The first is the Zoom teeth whitening.  The teeth whitening cost for Zoom is $650.  It takes about an hour and you will leave with whiter teeth.  The second is the take home tray method.  We cost for whitening trays is $400.  If you want to do both to get your maximum whiteness then the total teeth whitening cost is $850.



Benefits of Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening can give you a smile that you will be happy to show off. Instead of hiding your teeth when you smile or talk, you will have the confidence to give a huge grin and speak confidently. As a result, the benefits of teeth whitening go far beyond a whiter smile. People with whiter teeth often have better opportunities in the workplace, simply because their smile makes them look younger, more vibrant and more confident.

When you visit us at Rockville Dental Arts, we will be happy to discuss your options for teeth whitening and how to best give you the smile you want. If you also have issues with the alignment of your teeth or you have very deep staining, we may recommend dental veneers instead. However, most patients find that teeth whitening is a very effective and valuable treatment.


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