Same Day Dentures: How to Get a New Smile in Just One Day

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Imagine regaining your confidence and enjoying a beautiful, new smile in just one day. This may seem like a dream, but with same day dentures, it’s a reality. Same day dentures are a revolutionary dental procedure that has changed the lives of countless individuals who have experienced tooth loss. In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of same day dentures, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they compare to other tooth replacement options.

Key Takeaways

  1. Same day dentures offer a rapid tooth replacement solution with improved aesthetics, decreased healing time and convenience.
  2. Potential drawbacks should be considered before undergoing the procedure such as cost, suitability and candidacy for the treatment.
  3. Comparing same day dentures to other options such as dental implants or traditional dentures can help patients make informed choices regarding their dental care.


Understanding Same Day Dentures

full arch dental implants

Same day dentures, also known as Teeth-in-a-Day, provide a rapid solution for those requiring tooth replacement. This dental procedure is designed for individuals who are missing all teeth from either the upper or lower arch. The main benefits of same day dentures include improved aesthetics and self-assurance, decreased healing time, and ease and time-efficiency. However, some potential drawbacks should be considered, such as cost, suitability, and candidacy, as well as potential adjustments after the procedure.

Same day dentures come in various types to cater to different dental needs. The process of obtaining these dentures involves consultation, X-rays, and fitting of temporary dentures before receiving the permanent set. For an informed decision regarding your dental care, comprehending the available types of same day dentures and the process of acquiring them is beneficial.


Types of Same Day Dentures

The two main types of same day dentures are single tooth dental implant and full-arch dental implant options, such as full arch dental implants and TeethXpress. A dental implant is a small titanium device which is used to replace the root portion of a missing tooth. It is a single-tooth device which helps restore the natural appearance of a person’s smile. On the other hand, TeethXpress Dental Implants provide a full arch of teeth with fewer titanium implants per tooth, offering a more streamlined solution.

Another option for same day dentures includes implant-supported dentures. These dentures attach abutments securely to existing dentures, ensuring stability and comfort. To determine the most suitable tooth replacement option, a consultation with a dentist at the initial stage is advisable.


The Process of Getting Same Day Dentures

Before receiving same day dentures, patients need to undergo several steps:

  1. X-rays of the teeth and jaw to evaluate their current teeth and bone structure.
  2. CT scans or 3D imaging may also be necessary to generate a comprehensive digital model of the mouth and jaw for accurate fabrication of new teeth.
  3. Immediate dentures, also known as temporary teeth, are then fitted and used on the same day as tooth extraction.
  4. These dentures protect the gums and provide the patient with functional teeth during the healing process, which is different from the traditional implant process.


The process of obtaining same day dentures typically takes between two weeks to two months, depending on individual circumstances. Steps involved in this process include:

  1. Taking impressions of the existing teeth and gums before tooth removal
  2. Generating accurate duplicates of the teeth and gums from the impressions
  3. Extracting the remaining teeth
  4. Installing the dentures in the mouth immediately following tooth extraction
  5. Making necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit
  6. Offering instructions for care and maintenance of the dentures


Advantages of Same Day Dentures

same day dental implants

Same day dentures offer a plethora of benefits, such as convenience, improved aesthetics, and a shorter recovery period when compared to other denture options. We will dissect these perks further, including convenience and time efficiency, enhanced look and confidence, and diminished recovery duration.


Convenience and Time-Saving

One of the primary benefits of same day dentures is the convenience and time-saving aspect. The duration of a same day denture procedure can vary, but it is typically between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of dentures and any adjustments that may need to be made. In contrast, traditional dentures can take several weeks to be created and fitted.

Same day dentures can significantly affect patients’ daily routines. With same day dentures, patients can obtain their new dentures in just one day, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and waiting periods. This offers convenience and saves time for patients who need immediate tooth replacement.


Improved Appearance and Confidence

Same day dentures provide immediate replacement for missing teeth, allowing patients to maintain their natural appearance and avoid the look of being toothless. Additionally, same day dentures can closely replicate the form, size, and arrangement of the patient’s natural teeth, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing smile and effectively helping to replace missing teeth.

Having a full set of teeth can increase self-confidence and improve one’s overall self-esteem. With same day dentures, individuals can regain their smile and feel more confident and secure in social situations. Patients can anticipate aesthetic improvements from same day dentures, as they provide immediate restoration of missing teeth and an enhanced overall appearance.


Reduced Recovery Time

Another significant advantage of same day dentures is their reduced recovery time compared to other dental procedures. The expected recovery time for same day dentures is 24 hours after insertion, though the full healing process can take several months. In contrast, traditional dentures require an eight to twelve week period without teeth, whereas same day dentures can be fitted in a single day.

This makes same day dental implants a more convenient option for those seeking a quicker solution to their dental needs, such as same day implants.


Disadvantages of Same Day Dentures

dental implants in one day

Despite the numerous benefits of same day dentures, considering potential drawbacks such as cost, suitability, candidacy, and potential post-placement adjustments is important.

We will examine these drawbacks more closely.


Cost Considerations

Same day dentures can be less expensive than traditional denture options, with the average cost ranging from $600 to $1,900, depending on the type of dentures plus any additional services required. In comparison, traditional dentures typically cost approximately $1,000 to $4,000 per arch, not including insurance.

Dental insurance typically covers the cost of same day dentures, as they are generally classified as a major procedure and usually covered at a percentage of the cost, with the patient responsible for the remaining balance. However, it is crucial to consider the financial aspect when deciding on same day dentures as a tooth replacement option.


Suitability and Candidacy

Not all patients are suitable candidates for same day dentures, depending on their dental health and needs. Factors such as:

  1. gum disease
  2. inadequate oral hygiene
  3. jaw bone structure irregularities
  4. bruxism
  5. pre-existing health issues

may disqualify an individual from obtaining same day dentures. There are no age restrictions for candidacy for same day dentures, and patients with several missing teeth are generally considered good candidates.

It is crucial to consult with a dentist to determine eligibility for same day dentures and discuss any factors that may influence suitability. A dentist can provide guidance on the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual patient.


Potential Adjustments

Some patients may require adjustments to their same day dentures for optimal fit and comfort. Periodic adjustments and relining may be needed as the oral tissues change shape during the healing process. Wearing the dentures for 24 to 48 hours is the typical adjustment process for same day dentures before attempting to remove them for the first time. During this period, the dentures may require periodic adjustments or relining for comfort.

It may take about 30 days to become fully accustomed to the new dentures. If any issues arise with eating, slippage, discomfort, or sores, a denture adjustment may be necessary. It is essential to follow the dentist’s instructions and keep the dentures in place to enable the gums to heal.


Caring for Your Same Day Dentures

Same Day Dentures

Proper care for same day dentures includes:

  1. Cleaning the dentures regularly
  2. Maintaining good oral hygiene
  3. Adapting to the new dental appliance Consistent care and attention are necessary for the durability and overall oral health of your same day dentures.

We will examine the best practices for cleaning and maintenance, alongside tips for adapting to your new dentures.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper care and cleaning of your same day dentures are essential for their durability and overall oral wellbeing. Here are some recommended cleaning tools for same day dentures:

  1. Nonabrasive denture cleansers
  2. Soft-bristled brush
  3. Denture wipes
  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Denture cleaner tablets such as Dawn dish soap, Polydent, or Efferdent

Using these tools will help keep your same day dentures clean and in good condition.

To ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your dentures, avoid common mistakes such as:

  1. Not scrubbing them properly
  2. Damaging the surface with an abrasive brush or paste
  3. Using very hot water
  4. Using stiff-bristled brushes or harsh cleansers
  5. Leaving the dentures to dry
  6. Not handling them correctly
  7. Using toothpaste or bleach
  8. Not cleaning them daily
  9. Eating foods that can dislodge or fracture the dentures
  10. Not brushing them regularly


Adjusting to Your New Dentures

one day dentures

Adjusting to new dentures may take time, but following your dentist’s recommendations can ease the transition. To reduce discomfort when adapting to same day dentures, it is advised to:

  1. Chew on both sides of the mouth simultaneously
  2. Keep a moist mouth by drinking water and avoiding dryness
  3. Utilize over-the-counter pain medications
  4. Apply a topical anesthetic recommended by a dentist
  5. Seek professional help if needed rather than attempting to adjust the dentures oneself.

Remember, it usually takes around 30 days to become accustomed to new dentures. Taking the time to adjust and following your dentist’s guidance can help ensure a smooth transition to your new smile.


Comparing Same Day Dentures to Other Options

one day dental implants

Comparing same day dentures to other options like dental implants and traditional dentures can help patients make informed decisions about their dental care. In this segment, the differences between same day dentures, dental implants, and traditional dentures will be outlined, focusing on their respective merits and demerits.


Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a more permanent solution but may require a lengthier treatment process compared to same day dentures. Dental implants are titanium-made artificial teeth that are surgically placed in the jawbone to provide a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Dental implant procedures require a surgical procedure. Usually, this surgery is done under local anesthesia, meaning that the patient remains conscious. One-day dental implants offer a less painful experience and fewer visits to the dentist when compared to traditional day dental implant procedures. However, some patients may opt for dental implants immediately if they are eligible and prefer a faster solution.

One-day dental implants have some drawbacks to consider:

  1. They are generally more expensive than traditional implants.
  2. These costs may not be covered under an insurance policy.
  3. Not all patients are eligible for this type of procedure.


Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are a more affordable option but may not provide the same level of convenience and aesthetics as same day dentures. Traditional dentures are prosthetic devices that serve as artificial teeth, designed to be removable and usually fabricated after the natural teeth have been extracted and the gums have healed. The typical turnaround time for traditional dentures following measurements is six to eight weeks.

While traditional dentures offer a natural-looking smile and can be customized to fit an individual’s mouth, they necessitate multiple visits for:

  1. molds
  2. extractions
  3. fittings
  4. adjustments

This process can be less convenient than same day dentures.



Same day dentures have revolutionized the world of dental prosthetics, offering a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for those in need of tooth replacement. The advantages of same day dentures, such as convenience, improved appearance, and reduced recovery time, make them an attractive option for many patients. However, it is essential to consider the potential disadvantages, such as cost, suitability, and potential adjustments, before making a decision.

By comparing same day dentures to other options like dental implants and traditional dentures, patients can make informed decisions about their dental care. Consulting with a dentist and discussing individual needs and circumstances will ensure the best possible outcome for each patient’s unique situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can dentures be made in 1 day?

It is possible to have dentures made in a single day thanks to the modern process of creating a 3D image or mold for the dentures and an on-site denturist making them during your visit.

How painful are same day dentures?

Same day dentures are not overly painful, as the extractions themselves may be more uncomfortable and anesthesia and pain medication can help manage any discomfort. They act to hold tissues together during healing like a bandage.

How fast are immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures are complete or partial dentures inserted on the same day as the removal of natural teeth, offering fast and efficient dental restoration.

Can I get immediate dentures if I have no teeth?

Immediate dentures can be obtained the same day after an extraction, providing a quick and effective solution for filling in gaps in the mouth.

What is the typical duration of the process for obtaining Same Day Dentures?

Typically, Same Day Dentures can be obtained in a timeline of between two weeks to two months, although this may differ depending on the individual.