So You Think You Need A Root Canal?

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Root Canal Specialists

Root Canal Specialist


If you’re experiencing a lot of tooth pain, there’s a reasonable chance you need a root canal.

We know there are generally a lot of misconceptions about root canals, but the root canal procedure is one of the easiest and most normal procedures to cure dental pain.

But how can you be sure that the pain you’re enduring warrants this treatment? And what exactly does getting a root canal entail?

We at Rockville Dental Arts have the answers you’re looking for. 



Tooth pain: Symptoms and Damage


Persistent pain is a key indicator of a damaged tooth, and a sign that the tissue on the inside of the tooth — otherwise known as the tooth pulp — as well as the surrounding area have become infected.

If pain continues, or ebbs but always returns, it is a strong indication that you have an infected tooth and that a dental procedure is necessary to help the affected tooth. 


If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it’s quite possible that a root canal is in order:black tooth


  • Gum swelling or tenderness
  • Strong lasting reactions to cold or heat
  • Persistently throbbing tooth pain
  • A bad or funny taste in your mouth
  • A cracked tooth


After describing your pain to your dentist or endodontist, they may prescribe a root canal procedure. But there is no need to worry: A root canal is an easy and practical solution for tooth pain, and you should get it as soon as possible. Left untreated, the infection will likely spread from one tooth to the gum and cause further issues for your health.



What is a Root Canal?

what is a root canal


A root canal is the highly effective treatment that removes harmful bacteria from infecting pulp tissue, in what are known as endodontic infections.

Pulp is the connective tissue that lies beneath the outer hard coating of the tooth, which rests on a bundle of highly sensitive nerves.

The root canal is administered by an endodontist, who specialize in issues related to the dental pulp. It cleans out the offending bacteria at the root, saving the tooth from irreversible damage. 



Root Canal Procedures


Modern root canal procedures are easy and quick, a similar practice to a routine tooth filling.

The procedure itself is relatively painless, extremely efficient and effective. Patients are given anesthesia during the process and won’t feel anything during the root canal, although it is common to experience some soreness and discomfort afterwards which is easily handled with ibuprofen.


root canal procedure

The root canal procedure begins with an endodontist X-raying the infected tooth to gain an understanding of the extent of the damage.

Then, they will open the tooth to remove the infected tissue. The process can be more complicated if the infection has spread and created what is known as an abscess, which probably requires treatment with antibiotics.

This is why it’s critical to act sooner rather than later if you are experiencing any persistent tooth pain.


The infected tooth may be left open, depending on the severity of the damaged pulp, which is why root canal procedures sometimes happen over the course of several days.

After being cleaned fully, the empty pulp chamber will be filled to protect the tooth (and surrounding teeth) from further harm.



We Are Tooth Pain Experts


The expert dentists at Rockville Dental Arts, led by Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz, have been performing root canal treatments for many years.

You’re in safe hands with Dr. Norkiewicz and his team of general dentists, who will make sure your root canal experience is as pain-free and comfortable as possible.


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