Why Get Removable Denture Implants

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Traditional dentures are a great solution for getting your full smile back, but are they the best solution for you? While they’ve improved a lot over the years, they still have some drawbacks that many find discouraging. As a more modern solution, many patients are preferring full denture implants as a secure way to talk, eat, and smile with confidence.


What Are Removable Denture ImplantsRemovable Denture Implants


Sometimes known as snap on dentures, among other names, removable denture implants are an option to use dentures that are snapped on to dental implants that have been surgically inserted into the jawbone. This is done in a pain free procedure by a professional implant dentist. The metal titanium implants work as a couple of small rods that the dentures secure onto, snapping into place.

This makes it possible to have a horseshoe upper denture, which means there is nothing covering the roof of the mouth. It also means that the dentures won’t slip while talking or eating.



The Process For Getting Denture Implants Near Meimplant dentist


The first step to getting removable denture implants is to schedule an appointment with a dentist you trust to get a consultation and ask all of your questions. If you don’t already have a dentist you know and trust, ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Look at their website. The final test you’ll really know is to go visit the dentist you found when searching for the right professional to help with denture implants near me and see if you feel comfortable with them.

Here in Rockville, Dr. Norkiewicz has been successfully helping patients get the confident smile they’ve been looking for for years.

During your consultation, the dentist will perform an exam to make sure your jawbone is healthy enough for the procedure. Some patients may need bone grafting done before the implants can be installed. This will add a few months to the amount of time to get your full denture implants, so you may need to also discuss temporary solutions for your smile while you heal.

Once you are cleared for dental implants, Dr. Norkiewicz will perform the procedure. This will require some recovery time to heal from, which will vary from patient to patient depending on your health.


The Benefits of Full Denture Implants


One of the major benefits of getting removable denture implants is that you can have a horseshoe upper denture. With traditional dentures, the upper denture needs to have a plate that covers the entire palate, meaning the roof of your mouth is covered with the denture. This creates suction that keeps the denture in place while you talk and eat. However, it also makes talking a little strange and eating takes a lot of getting used to.horseshoe upper denture

With a horseshoe upper denture, the dentures don’t cover the roof of your mouth, but they would typically be difficult to keep in place. Implants make it possible to hold the horseshoe upper denture securely in the mouth. This means your food will still taste the same, your tongue doesn’t have to adjust to something on the roof of your mouth while you can, and you can avoid the irritation of having something rub against the roof of your mouth.


Other benefits of full denture implants include:

  • A confident smile will be easy for you
  • You don’t need to use denture glue
  • Avoid the embarrassment and frustration of slipping denturespremium dentures cost
  • You can eat anything you would like to


Fortunately, Dr. Norkiewicz is an experienced dentist who has done many successful dental implants for happy patients, so finding the best denture implants near me is an easy process.


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