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Emergency Dentist Near Me In Rockville MD

A dental emergency is a serious health problem. In most cases, dental emergencies tend to be rare, and can sometimes be avoided. Therefore, it’s essential to know the kind of dental emergency you’re experiencing to get this urgent care. There are many clinics that offer emergency dental care with the necessary treatment and expertise to alleviate this problem safely, quickly, and effectively. Below are some dental emergencies which require special and immediate treatment:


1. Persistent Toothacheemergency dentist

This is a common reason why most people seek emergency dental care near me. Also called periapical periodontitis. It’s a kind of toothache that’s spontaneous, confined to a single area, painful and worsens upon biting something. Additionally, the gum around the toothache also becomes painful. Here, an abscess can easily form leading to swelling of the face. With emergency dental care, this problem can alleviate the pain.


2. Fractured Teeth

This is another reason for seeking the services of an emergency dentist. A fracture that reaches the tooth’s inner layer needs immediate treatment in order to prevent pulpal infection. The emergency dentist simply places dentine padding around the affected part. To ensure that there are no complications, it’s recommended that you should see a dentist before 24 hours elapse.


3. Trauma and bleeding

This is another situation where emergency dental services are required. Usually, the tooth socket usually bleeds after a tooth falls out for some minutes. The major challenge is that the clots formed can sometimes dislodge and bring further bleeding, especially if one chews something hard. In some cases, physical trauma can cause severe bleeding. This situation can be controlled by a dentist who’s specialized in emergency treatments via pressure application on the affected area.


4. Post dental surgery complicationsdental emergency

This is a case that requires specialized and urgent care. One of the common situations is the post-extraction pain. After tooth extraction, you may experience some discomfort for some hours. Therefore, if the discomfort or pain persists for long hours, you should seek emergency treatment.


5. Lost dental fillings

This problem can sometimes create complications which include food sticking in your teeth, and later causing pain and infection.
These are some of the common dental emergencies which require special and immediate treatment.


How do you find the right emergency dental care provider?

Before you decide to get emergency dental services from any clinic or office, it’s essential to check on some things as follows:

– Insurance

When looking for an emergency dental office or clinic, it’s important to ensure that you check if the provider accepts insurance. Although not all insurance companies cover these emergency services, it’s essential to check whether or not it happens.  Our office can call your insurance company and find out what benefits you have for emergency dental services.

– Presence of regular dentists

Before you decide to get emergency dental services, ensure you check if the dental care office has a regular dentist or not. This is because some simply employ part-time dentists. It will be easier to make appointments with full-time dentists.

– Mode and hours of operation

Finally, you should consider the hours when the emergency dental clinic is always open. This is essential, especially if an emergency occurs that requires immediate care.

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