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What to do if you broke your front tooth

What to do if you broke your front tooth

What to do if you broke your front tooth

While teeth are known to be very strong, they are susceptible to chipping, cracking or even breaking. Accidents do happen especially when one engages in vigorous sporting activities like rugby or football. Other ways one can fracture or break their front tooth include biting down hard on something, falling and having cavities that lead to weak teeth.

In case you break your front tooth, you may experience pain or pain may not be felt if there are only minor fractures.


Below is what to do if you Broke Your Front Tooth.


Step One – Stop the bleeding
It is important to stop the bleeding first so as to prevent staining your clothes as well as prevent losing blood in the process. You can get to stop the bleeding by swirling cold water in the mouth and spitting it out.

Step Two –Gargle warm salt water
Gargling warm salt water will help to prevent infection since the affected area is open. Bacteria and other disease causing agents may find their way into the blood stream if one does not gargle warm salt water.

Step Three – Take a pain killer
It is important to consume pain killers as they will help to numb the pain. You can visit your local pharmacy as you head out to purchase the pain killers.

Step Four – Visit your dentist
It is important to visit your dentist two to three hours after the accident has happened. You will not only be given a stronger pain killer to eliminate the pain, but your dentist will get to repair the fractured or broken tooth.

This will not only restore your broken tooth but it will improve your confidence as you will not remain with a damaged tooth.


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