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If you experience a lot of tension headaches or aching and pain in one or both sides of your jaw, a friend, family member or coworker has likely told you that you have TMJ. Well, yes and no. TMJ is actually the wrong acronym, as it simply stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects your skull and your jaw. TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder and it is actually what your helpful friend is referring to.


TMJ Disorders Are Treatable

So what is TMD, and why should you care? Basically, TMD is a disorder that causes a number of painful and generally unpleasant symptoms, like headaches, pain in the jaw, popping sounds in the jaw when chewing or speaking and locking jaws. Though we do not know the exact cause of TMD, we do know that some people are more genetically prone to it than others. We also know that TMD can be triggered or exacerbated by stress and tension, grinding or clenching teeth or a misaligned bite.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you most likely have TMD and you are probably looking for the best ways to treat its painful symptoms. At Rockville Dental Arts in Rockville, MD, we offer a number of treatments for TMD that can either drastically reduce the occurrence of symptoms or eliminate them altogether.




For example, if your TMD is triggered by clenching your teeth at night, we will recommend wearing a mouth guard or splint to bed. This will not only help alleviate the stress on your jaw, but it will also prevent damage to your teeth from grinding as well. If you experience TMD due to a misaligned bite, the answer may be as simple as Invisalign aligners, which will give you a straighter, more attractive smile and may also eliminate your TMD symptoms as well.

In rare instances, surgery is the only treatment for TMD, but in most cases we can prescribe much less invasive therapy to reduce your symptoms. When you visit us at Rockville Dental Arts, Dr. Norkiewicz or Associates will examine your teeth, jaw, and bite for a professional diagnosis and they will be able to recommend the best options for treatment.


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