Sleep Apnea FAQs

Sleep Apnea FAQs

What is sleep apnea? How is it related to dentistry? What are the warning signs of sleep apnea? This tricky sleep diagnoses can come with a lot of myths and false beliefs. At Rockville Dental Arts, we don’t want our patients to suffer. Our dentists in Rockville MD can enlighten you about the questions you may have about OSA and sleep apnea treatment. Check out our top sleep apnea FAQs to help you understand what you can do next.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

OSA is the cessation of breathing during the time of sleep. There are several types of sleep apnea that include mixed, central, and obstructive. They are all serious issues that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Does Snoring Mean Sleep Apnea?

Very often, loud or chronic snoring can lead to sleep apnea. The more you are dealing with snoring, the more serious the issue might be. Consult your sleep apnea dentist right away.

Why Am I Exhausted All the Time?

If you wake up several times throughout the night, you may struggle with sleep apnea. Patients with sleep apnea can find themselves waking up almost 50 times per night. These micro-arousals occur often, and the patient may not have any memory of them. Consult a sleep expert as soon as possible.

How Can a Dentist Help?

Dentists can create OSA sleep mouthpieces that the patient can wear comfortably in their mouths while they sleep. This prevents snoring and secures the nasal pathways so that sleep is not obstructed. Some patients struggle with OSA devices, but others find it comfortable and a great tool for managing sleep apnea.

Test for Sleep Apnea with Us

If you are worried about whether you are struggling with OSA, contact us after reviewing our sleep apnea FAQs. You can contact us at Rockville Dental Arts, your sleep dentist in Rockville MD, for more information, or give us a call at (301) 424-2030. Want more sleep apnea FAQs?


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