Are You Missing Teeth?

missing teeth

Sometimes, the value of your teeth is never appreciated until they are lost. Unfortunately, after this happens, we begin to acknowledge the vital roles our teeth played in biting and chewing our food, producing that perfect smile, and in the alignment of our teeth.

missing teeth

Sadly, our teeth are not designed to last forever. Along the way, we may encounter conditions that might cause us to end up with missing teeth. These conditions may include; gum disease, injury, severe tooth decay, or a dental condition.

However, if the missing tooth is not replaced in good time, it can have a negative impact, and cause several problems to your oral health. Luckily, there are excellent options for missing teeth replacements.



Is There A Possibility For Missing Teeth Replacements?


The short answer is yes. In case you have a missing tooth and are wondering if you can get a replacement, dentists offer a variety of options that are viable for your missing teeth replacement. Some of these options include;


·       Dental implantimplant for missing tooth

A dental implant is regarded as the most common and effective way for a missing tooth replacement. With a dental implant, metal titanium screws are placed to replace your tooth’s root, adhere to the bone and eventually to anchor the false tooth. Once the screws are in place, healed, and completely fused to the jawbone, a dental crown is placed on top and secured.


·       Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge

implant supported bridge

If you are missing 3 or more teeth in a row then an implant-supported fixed bridge is best for replacing several missing teeth in a row at once, including a complete arch of teeth if need be. An implant-supported bridge procedure includes screwing the fixed bridge into place.

The screwing of the bridge is to allow the dentist easier cleaning or repairing.


·       Tooth-Supported Dental Bridgedental bridge

A tooth-supported bridge uses the existing teeth to support the bridge rather than using two implants into the teeth. Common for a single tooth replacement, a crown is placed on the teeth on either side of the gap, and cemented in place.

The tooth-supported dental bridge can be done using different materials including gold, silver, or porcelain.



What Are Some of the Missing Back Teeth Solutions?


Back teeth play a vital role in grinding food.  However, with missing back teeth, this tends to be a hard task. Nevertheless, even after managing to chew, some chewed food gets stuck in between the missing teeth spaces, making you feel uncomfortable. Below are some solutions to missing back teeth that the dentists offer;

  • Dental implant
  • Fixed bridge
  • Resin-retrained bridge
  • Removable Denture



What are Other Options For Missing Teeth?


Missing teeth might make you feel uncomfortable while talking, or smiling. However, this can change by acquiring the following options from the nearest dental facility;flipper

·       Removable partial denture

·       Removable complete dentures

·       Flippers


Can You Get Braces With Missing Teeth?


Yes! You can get braces or Invisalign with missing teeth, regardless of the position of the missing tooth or teeth. Braces are also regarded as the best options for missing teeth since they widen or close the teeth gaps, leaving a perfect space during replacement.


How to Replace Missing Teeth?Dennis Norkiewicz DDS


The safest way to replace a missing tooth is by visiting a dentist. Thereafter he or she will assess the situation and suggest the best option for your teeth replacement.

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